13 Astronaut Gifts Any Enthusiast Would Love To Receive

Finding a gift can be somewhat of a challenge as there are literally thousands to choose from. Although if you have someone in your life that likes to ponder at the stars, it won’t be too hard to satisfy them with an astronomy gift. Particularly if they have an interest in space exploration and astronauts, in particular. 

So if you need some help choosing, you’ve come to the right place.

This guide will offer some of the best gift ideas for astronaut enthusiasts that they can put to use and enjoy for years to come.

So without further ado, let’s take a look, shall we?

NASA Astronaut Roll-Top Backpack

You can’t go wrong with a reliable backpack that’s built to last. This is a roll-top backpack that comes with numerous features, and it’s made with strong polyester material, making it a winning choice for everyday use. It includes extra wide padded straps and can carry a decent amount of weight without losing support on your shoulders.

Built with a unisex design, it’s the perfect gift idea for men and women, and it boasts a clean-looking design with the NASA logo and more. The backpack is durable enough for trekking, and it has enough space to carry all of your essentials and anything else you might need.

It has a pretty high rating from previous customers, and you can guarantee anybody who loves astronomy will feel like an astronaut ready to embark on a space journey. With a neutral blue and grey colorway, it offers a stylish look, and it can be used in a wide range of environments.

Astronaut Stand for Desk Pencil Holder

It may seem like a simple gift idea, but it’ll provide plenty of satisfaction to those who love astronomy. This pencil holder is in the shape of the moon with an astronaut figure attached for added weight. A stellar gift idea for kids and adults alike, it can be used at home, school, and anywhere else you see fit.

You have the option of selecting a moon or rocketship pencil holder, and its resin material ensures it’ll retain its quality for a very long time. There’s plenty of space too, so it can hold all your writing utensils and a few other items you might need at your desk.

Offering a unique style and a build quality that’ll last, it’s an easy gift choice as it won’t break your bank, and it’ll definitely make an impression on those who can’t get enough of the stars. It also won’t take up too much space, letting you place it nearly anywhere you need it.

Floating in Space Astronaut Desk Lamp Light

Everyone likes a lamp that illuminates a room without shining as bright as the sun. With an astronaut design, this lamp offers a unique take on desk lamps as the base looks like the surface of the moon, and the light illuminates from the astronaut itself. You can also adjust the lamp in any direction, and the power source looks like it’s directly tethered to the astronaut’s suit.

Outside of its intended purpose, the unique design will add a special flair to any room, and it can be powered with three AAA batteries or via USB. The lamp is primarily made of plastic, yet the lamp comes with a detailed look that anyone would marvel at, considering it’s a pretty unorthodox light source.

Cute Astronaut Mug With Lid And Spoon

Made with a blend of stainless steel and ceramic, this premium-quality mug will last years with proper care. Featuring a small astronaut on top as a lid-handle and a spherical design to resemble our globe, it also contains various celestial objects from our universe, such as planets and stars.

It’s also quite resistant to heat and corrosion, and it’s made from non-toxic materials, making it a great choice for any astronomy lover. The mug also comes with a spoon made of stainless steel, and it’s capable of holding your favorite hot or cold drinks. You can either hand wash the mug or throw it in the dishwasher, and it’ll retain its quality after each cleaning. Better yet, it’s also microwave safe, so you can always ensure your hot drinks stay that way.

NASA Logo Space Astronaut Vinyl Sticker

Everybody loves stickers to some degree as they represent our interests and make some of our belongings a little less boring to look at. Another reason they’re so popular is they’re usually not that expensive, and this sticker pack contains fifty different pieces, all of which feature something different about astronomy.

Each sticker is roughly 2″ to 3 ½” in size, and they’re perfectly safe for laptops, water flasks, cars, travel bags, and more. They’re also made with high-quality vinyl PVC, so they’ll keep a vibrant quality for a long time. 

Moreover, the stickers are sun-proof and water-proof, helping them withstand the elements no matter where you live. The assortment of stickers includes astronauts, spaceships, NASA logos, and even a few phrases. You’ll appreciate that each sticker has its own unique design, ensuring all fifty stickers stand out on their own.

Magnetic Necklaces Spaceman Pendants

If you and a special someone share a passion for astronomy, this gift will definitely bring your interests together. It features two necklaces and astronaut pendants that can be joined by a magnetic half in the middle. No matter where you go in life, they’ll always be on your mind, knowing you’re connected through your love of astronomy.

They’re crafted from 925 silver plated stainless steel, and each chain is 22″ in length. It also comes in a nice velvet pouch to help avoid damage when you aren’t wearing them. The world and our universe are vast, and at times we’re bound to get separated. To help with this missing connection, these magnetic necklaces offer a constant reminder that you’re never too far apart.

Qurious Space STEM Flash Card Game

This flashcard game is a great idea for kids who have a buzzing interest in astronomy. It’s also an excellent choice as it can be a decent learning experience for the whole family. The double-sided card game comes with three different games that’ll test the knowledge of all ages. Not only does it help with memorizing various aspects of space, but it also provides unique facts that you’ll never forget.

The games are crafted to give everyone a fair chance to win, and the more you learn about astronomy, the better chance you’ll have at winning. Many people appreciate the flexible rules as it allows you to structure them for different age groups, and you can choose a basic route or make things a little more complicated with advanced rules.

Every pack comes with the solar system we know and love, as well as trivia facts that’ll expand your knowledge of what outer space has to offer. It also comes with a case to keep all the cards organized, allowing you to conveniently take it with you on the go, keeping your little astronauts satisfied.

Astronaut Piggy Bank

Learning the importance of saving money is crucial for children and adults, and a piggy bank is an effective way to incentivize the act on a daily basis. From pennies to a few extra bucks in your pocket, everything counts, and this astronaut piggy bank will easily catch your eye to give you a consistent reminder. The product is made with a resin material, weighs about half a pound, and its dimensions are 6x6x9 inches.

The coin slot will fit most standard coins, and you can even fold up small amounts of cash and fit it through as well. Since you can’t see what’s inside, you’d be surprised at how fast it fills up, and you can easily empty the piggy bank by pulling out the rubber stopper at the bottom. The design won’t distract from home decor, and kids are bound to love its novelty design in their room.

Outer Space Astronaut Puzzle Game

A puzzle that all ages can enjoy, this 1,000-piece puzzle is guaranteed to provide a decent challenge for anyone. By the end of it, you’ll be pretty satisfied with your work as it offers a gorgeous design of our solar system and the many celestial objects that come with it. You’ll also discover a few astronauts hard at work on the moon in pristine detail, and the entire puzzle comes with many vibrant colors.

The finished puzzle comes in a decent size which would look excellent in a proper frame hung up on the wall. Each piece is made from durable, high-quality recycled board material with multi-layer paper pressing. 

This allows for repeated fun and consistent quality that’ll last years. The puzzle is safe for young children too, as it’s entirely non-toxic, and the required hand-eye coordination offers plenty of stimulation for everyone involved.

Astronaut Decor Statue

Offering a simple addition to your home decor, this astronaut statue looks great from every angle. The statue is entirely white, outside of its reflective visor, which boasts a gold color. It’s the perfect size for any room in the house or even on your desk at the office. An excellent gift for boys, girls, and adults, any astronomy enthusiast would love to have it as their own.

Made from a Polyresin and 100% lead-free, the statue is also colored with environmentally safe paint, so it’s an excellent option for any kid’s room. The product also comes in a nice printed box that makes it gift-ready, and the company that makes offers many different astronaut designs, all with their own unique style and personality.

Astronaut LED Projection Lamp with Remote Control

From kids to adults, many people love adding a special ambiance to their room that you can’t get from normal light sources. This astronaut projection lamp displays a variation of nebula effects that’ll turn any room into a view of deep space. Made from reliable materials and crafted with a detailed astronaut design, it’ll act as your new favorite light source and decor that’ll satisfy anyone who loves astronomy.

The lamp’s base resembles the moon’s surface, and the light is projected from the astronaut’s visor with the help of an easy to use remote. You can also rotate the astronaut’s head, and the lamp also offers a 360-degree rotating arm allowing you to customize its look. The remote allows you to change the brightness of each light mode, and it even comes with two timer functions so you can set it and forget it.

Spaceman Night Light for Kids

It’s fairly easy to spark wonder in a child’s mind as so many things about our universe are truly mind-blowing. Whether you know a young aspiring astronaut or are looking to expose them to the beauty outer space has to offer, this spaceman night light would be a winning gift without a doubt. Its most notable feature is the fact it offers a 3D illusion, along with a bright LED light that is dimmable and changes colors.

Not only is it an excellent decoration, but it’ll spark imagination in young minds as they learn to conquer their fear of the dark. The night light can be plugged in or used as a cordless light source so kids can carry it around the house for added comfort. Kids can use the included remote to change the LED to a wide range of colors as well as different modes such as strobe, fade, smooth, and flash. 

Astronaut Bookends

If you know an avid book lover in your life that also loves what outer space has to offer, these astronaut bookends would be the perfect gift. Each bookend weighs about 2lbs, and both of them lean in opposite directions to hold up books, CDs, vinyl records, or DVDs in an organized fashion. They’re also quite decorative as they come with a color-blend of white and gold, and there’s a substantial amount of detail that goes into each suit.

Not only will they be a stand-out feature on any bookshelf, but the astronauts are neutral enough that they won’t take away from the vibe of your other home decor. Considering their weight and durable material, they also won’t slip or move around as you stack books between them. It’s a great way for someone to represent their interests in a unique way while getting years of functionality out of it as well.

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