Best 11 Astronomy Gifts For Kids

Has your child, or a child you know, recently shown an interest in astronomy? Perhaps you want to be the one to introduce the hobby to them? Either way, you’re looking for astronomy gifts for kids, right? Well, here are some of my favorite options that any kid will be sure to love!

Planetarium Projector

This planetarium projector will undoubtedly go down well. It features 7 different display scenarios (that you can set up and change quickly), works without noise, and has a timed auto-shutdown functionality so it will stop after a period of time (if left on). With 360┬░ rotatable technology, it can even project onto the ceiling, walls, or floor!

Qurious Space STEM Flash Card Game

This fun, yet educational astronomy game is a best seller. Discover space and the history of human space exploration through this double-side card game. It was designed for players of all ages and all skill levels, from 3+ onward. You also get trivia facts that will help young learners build skills and knowledge while playing.

Piece of Space – Real Iron Meteorite 

Why not offer the gift of a piece of space! You can literally gift part of a shooting star! It is a piece of real meteorite that measures 8-12 mm and was collected from impact with the Earth at least 5,000 years ago. You also get a fantastic-looking authentication certificate; official documentation that the recipient’s name can be written on.

Talking Astronomy Solar System Model Kit

This talking astronomy solar system model kit will help any keen child explore the universe. You can display 24 different kinds of space images (including the 8 planets) on the ceiling, wall, or floor, and touch the planet logo to hear interesting facts about astronomy, science, and the celestial object selected. It’s easy to set up, and use and can be used as a nightlight or flashlight for younger kids.

Beginners Telescope

Why not get the child their first-ever telescope? This cost-effective option requires no tools to set up, comes with all required accessories, and can be used for both daytime land viewing and astronomy observation under the coat of darkness!

3D Solar System Crystal Ball

This Solar System Crystal Globe Model is a fantastic gift. It looks fantastic in any child’s bedroom and has 6 different lighting modes to explore, with a super clear and highly detailed depiction of the solar planet inside. It’s fun, interesting, and also makes for a great paperweight.

Wooden Solar System Floor Puzzle

This wooden solar system floor puzzle set is ideal for younger children (3-8 years old). Made from high quality non-toxic natural wood, each piece is chunky and solid – making it both kid-friendly and durable. With 48 pieces it is a challenging and educational gift – and you also get a scale guidebook that helps children explore the solar system from their creation.

NASA Ankle Socks

These officially licensed NASA ankle socks make for a great gift. You get 5 different pairs each with their own unique astronomy-related design!

Solar System Planet Bracelet

This natural stone bead bracelet contains eight different colors, representing the 8 different planets of the solar system. It is easily adjustable and only weighs 11.96 grams!

Astronomy Coloring & Activity Book

This astronomy coloring and activities book is a great way to learn about astronomy while having some creative fun at the same time. With fantastic illustrations, kid-friendly language, and fascinating trivia, there are hours of fun to be obtained from this book. Crosswords, mazes, and word searches are all just some of the exercises found in this book.

Astronomy Experiments For Kids

There are 101 experiments in this book; all of which can be performed easily and safely from the comfort of your own home. Each experiment is broken down to explain the purpose, the list of materials required, step-by-step experiment instructions, expected results, and an explanation. Kids can answer some of astronomy’s burning questions in n affordable, practical way.

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