How Many Golf Balls Are On The Moon? [And Why They Are There]

Leaving items on the moon. It’s not what you would initially imagine astronauts doing on their missions and explorations of Earths bright white satellite. But it has been done routinely since we first landed there. Even golf balls made it. But how many were left? Let’s find out!

So, how many golf balls are on the moon? There are currently two golf balls on the moon, as confirmed by NASA. These golf balls were left during the Apollo 14 mission in 1971. They are believed to have been left there by the late American astronaut Alan Shepard – who shot them with a modified iron created from a dust-sample collection device.

It is believed that Alan Shepherd is the only person to play golf on the moon to this day.

But of course, Alan and the rest of the astronauts on the Apollo 14 mission were on the moon for lunar exploration – not to play golf!

As such, this was definitely a short round!

But why did

Why Are The Golf Balls On The Moon?

The reason why golf balls are on the moon is pretty simple – they were left there! On purpose, of course. It’s actually become quite the tradition for astronauts to leave souvenirs on the lunar surface – almost as a mark and sign of their successful venture.

And its not just golf balls that have made, or continue to sit, on the moons surface. As we will soon find out.

For the case of Golf Balls, well the story is a good one!

During the Apollo 14 mission back in 1971, then astronaut Alan Shepard brought the golf balls with him.

Perhaps he was a keen golfer?

Maybe it was just an interesting idea?

Or it could have even been a way to test gravity?

Either way, he took it upon himself!

He even made a modified 8 iron club in transit – fashioning one by altering a device used to collect moon dust samples… innovative to say the least.

Upon landing, and with his other duties out the way, he then took it upon himself to have a few swings…

And as the story goes, he missed the ball quite a few times!

He did eventually hit them apparently. Before deciding to leave them to collect dust.

They are here to this day, supposedly.

If you wanted to read the transcript of what actually happened, and what was said, you can check it out over at NASA here.

According to the report, one of the golf balls sits in a crater off of the north, whereas the other one landed in the general vicinity of the ALSEP.

What Other Items Are On The Moon?

Hammers, a Falcon feather, a Javelin, and a portrait of James Irwin – these are just some of the more interesting items that have been left on the moon.

In fact, the catalog of manmade materials on the moon provides a complete breakdown.

Its an official document released by Nasa and it must be said, its a pretty interesting read!

So check it out and see for yourself!

Besides, these are know lunar artifacts with both historic and scientific value, after all.

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