NASA Gifts For Him

If you know a special someone who has an interest in astronomy, it won’t be too hard to find a gift they’ll appreciate. A good starting point is looking at NASA-themed gifts, as they come with a wide variety of items related to celestial objects, technology, and more.

Considering how many gift ideas are out there, making a decision can be pretty challenging. So, what are some of the best NASA gifts for him? This guide will break down 11 of the best NASA gift ideas you can find online.

NASA Bomber Jacket

NASA Bomber Jacket

A stylish gift idea that any guy is bound to love, this bomber jacket comes in grey or black and features NASA lettering on the front. Not only will it be a stylish addition to any wardrobe, but astronomy lovers will be able to represent their interest in the NASA program.

It’s made from 100% polyester, comes with two pockets, and has a quality front zipper. Perfect for casual wear during any season of the year, it’s a clothing item that’ll become a go-to choice for the wearer. Regarding sizing, the jacket is available in extra small to XXL. 

NASA Roll-Top Backpack


Likely to be one of the coolest gift ideas on this list, this stylish and functional backpack has everything someone might need for everyday use. It’s built with padded straps, crafted from heavy-duty polyester, and will easily stand up against outside elements. The exterior features various patches that display different space technology and NASA logos.

It has more pockets than you’ll know what to do with, and it’s perfect for the outdoors or for casual and urban environments. The backpack comes in a deep blue and grey color blend and can hold a significant amount of weight. You’ll be able to fit your essentials and any other items you might need for the day ahead.

NASA Fleece Throw Blanket

Every household needs a go-to blanket they can rely on, and this 48″x60″ NASA blanket would be perfect for the job. It’s an excellent option for those who like to curl up on the couch and get comfortable. It’s made from 100% polyester and comes in the classic NASA colors that we’re all accustomed to.

Perfect for people of all ages, this blanket comes with an upstanding quality that’ll last for years and years with proper care. The blanket is the perfect size to carry around the house, and it provides ample warmth that’ll have you covered all year long. It comes with many positive reviews from previous customers, and the blanket is also machine washable.

Whether you keep it in the bedroom, on the couch, or carry it around with you wherever you go, you’ll be able to get cozy in any room in the house.

NASA Apple Watch Band

If you know someone who always has an apple watch on their wrist, this product would easily be a winning gift idea. This Apple Watch band features “NASA Space Shuttles” text and comes in a space grey color. You can also choose to get the watch band in a variety of other colorways. It’s suitable for any apple watch series and can also be applied to other smartwatch brands.

The wearer will benefit from its high-quality materials, and it’s made with UV-resistant silicone. It comes with a universal fit for most wrists and offers a durability that’s perfect for everyday activities. Considering its design and material quality, the watch band may not be the cheapest, but it’ll definitely make for an excellent gift idea.

It also features a USA flag on the design, and you can choose between a more neutral or flashy colorway depending on what you think will look best. The NASA will blend in with everyday outfits, giving it plenty of versatility for social or professional occasions.

NASA Photography Wall Art

Home decor items are always a good choice for a gift idea. Whoever you give it to will have fun adding a decoration to their house, not to mention this product comes with a handful of stunning photos. Taken by NASA, these high-quality photos show different parts of space technology and the Earth. It comes on a wood block mount, or you can purchase it with a framed canvas.

You can personalize it with lettering or leave it as is and let the photos do all the talking. Many previous customers mention that the product comes with a better quality than expected, and it’ll always garner the interest of anyone who sees it in your home. It comes with five stunning photos related to NASA technology and outer space and will be a unique addition to any home.

NASA Socks

Many people enjoy a variety of sock designs in their wardrobe, and these NASA would be an excellent addition. For guys, who appreciate bold designs, warmth, and comfort, these socks have it all. They’re made with a material blend of 85% cotton, 10% polyester, and 5% spandex. Of course, the socks are definitely machine washable, and they’re made with a reinforced heel and toe for added durability.

They fit shoe sizes 7-12 and are built to stretch around the heel to mid-calf. Socks may be a pretty easy gift idea, but the NASA logos stamped all over are bound to intrigue any astronomy enthusiast. These socks come from a brand that’s known for their quality and unique designs, so their colors and material construction will last quite a long time.

NASA Space Shuttle Schematic T-Shirt

This may seem like a simple gift idea, but the design is what makes it a standout choice. It features a detailed schematic of a NASA space shuttle with descriptions of various components. The shirt comes in a primarily black color, and the schematic is in white, in addition to the NASA logo of course.

It’s also a body-inclusive option, as the shirt is available in sizes from small to XXXL. It’s 100% cotton and officially licensed NASA apparel, so you know you’re getting the real deal. The fit is lightweight and is made with a double-needle sleeve and a bottom hem.

Not only will space fans love the shirt, but the schematic print will always offer a bit of interest to anyone who sees it. If you don’t want the shirt in black, you can also purchase it in a variety of different grey colorways.

Vintage Space Exploration Patent Prints

For those who are a fan of engineering and technology, these patent prints are guaranteed to capture their interest. There are six different prints included, each with a detailed image of various space technology that NASA used to explore the cosmos.

They’re printed on high-quality Fuji Crystal Archive paper and aren’t flimsy by any means. You can also rest assured that their visual quality will uphold with each passing year, making them a lifelong addition to a home’s decor.

The prints don’t come with a frame; each print is 8″ x 10″, and they feature images of a space shuttle, space suits, space capsules, and more. Although they don’t come with a frame, many people prefer this as they look perfectly flush against the wall. The pattern of six prints takes up a decent amount of space and will drive interest from any guest in your home.

NASA Playing Cards

It never hurts to have a deck of cards lying around; you never know when you’ll need them while you’re hanging out with friends and family. Better yet, these NASA playing cards offer unique images of outer space on every card, making for a unique deck you can show off to your loved ones.

It’s a stellar gift idea for anyone who loves NASA and outer space, and they’re made with excellent quality that’ll last. The deck includes a complete set of 52 playing cards, and you can keep them safe in a uniquely designed tin case.

From vibrant colors to unique photos, each card will offer plenty of wonder to whoever holds it. The space theme of this card deck will match the personality of any space lover, and it’s also an affordable gift option if you aren’t looking to break the bank.

Astronaut Mission Patches Clock

Another item that’ll act as an interesting piece of home decor, this wall clock features NASA photo archives of space mission patches. Each represents a unique piece of history from space exploration throughout the years. The clock features a keyhole in the back, making it easy to hang.

It’s 12″ wide with brushed silver hands, and the clock is primarily made of glass. The clock requires one AA battery, but this isn’t included in the product. This will make for an excellent gift idea for those who love aspects of NASA’s history.

NASA Metal Keychain

Most people have some sort of unique item attached to their keychain, usually showcasing something about their personality or interests. Not only does this keychain feature the NASA logo, but it also includes a space shuttle, space suit, and more. Each piece of this keychain is made from metal, so it’ll uphold its quality for the long term.

If you know an astronomy lover, this would be a great accent to their personality, and they’ll carry it with them wherever they go. The keychain is under $10, and although the item may be imported, it comes with a shine and charm that space enthusiasts will appreciate.