11 Of The Best NASA Gifts For Kids

It’s pretty easy to get a child interested in NASA and outer space. With all of the options you have available, finding NASA gifts for kids shouldn’t be too challenging. However, it can be difficult to land on a gift idea that you feel like is the best choice.

So, what are some of the most sought-after NASA gifts for kids? This article will break down 11 gift ideas that are guaranteed to bring a smile to their face.

Astronaut NASA Pilot Costume

This gift idea is great for kids as it allows them to dress up as a NASA pilot. Featuring many similar designs to what a space suit looks like, it also comes with an astronaut helmet and a tinted visor.

You can also choose between a white or orange colorway, and it’s a full-body jumpsuit that’s more than suitable for playtime. The suit features an embroidered NASA logo and USA flag patches as well. Made from 100% polyester, the suit is flexible, comfortable, and durable for long-term use.

Sizes range from toddler to XL, making it wearable for those aged three to 14 years old. Great for playtime, dress up, or even Halloween, they’re going to want to wear it all year long. The helmet also comes with NASA, and a U.S. flag stamped on the side, and they can easily adjust their visor any time they want.

NASA Pullover Hoody

If you’re looking for some clothing items, this hoody ought to be a winning choice. The brand that makes the hoody offers a range of other designs, but this one in particular is entirely themed around NASA and outer space. It primarily features a beige color, which is contrasted by the NASA logo, the U.S. flag, and other designs that resemble a space suit. 

The hoody is made from a material blend of 80% polyester and 20% cotton. It also has a fleece interior and comes with two welt pockets at the sides to keep your hands covered. Perfect for colder days, this hoody will be an instant favorite as soon as they try it on.

You’ll find it has a thick hood, and each design offers a 3D effect that helps to really sell its image. Since it’s a pullover hoody you don’t get the added benefit of a zipper, but that makes it all the more cozy.

NASA Space Shuttle Alarm Clock

Every kid needs an effective alarm clock in their room to help get their day started. The best way to get them to use it is to buy one that caters to their interests. This alarm clock comes in the shape of a NASA space shuttle and includes four different color options as well. Various aspects of the alarm clock light up, and it offers two different nightlight filters as well.

The nightlight cap displays different space themes, and kids can easily switch between two different scenes. A snooze feature is available, and it also has a built-in blue backlight. 

The color of the alarm clock is red, white, black, and blue, and the LCD screen is more than bright enough. It’s a perfect choice for kids of all ages who have a keen interest in the NASA space program.

NASA Educational Smart Watch Toy

One of the most unique gift ideas on this list, this is a smartwatch toy that’s bound to offer loads of fun. Crafted specifically with kids in mind, the toy includes a selfie camera, voice recorder, calculator, alarm clock, pedometer step counter, and a variety of different games.

You also won’t have to worry about your child’s safety as this watch isn’t capable of calling or texting and can’t connect to the internet. The watch features astronaut graphics and a NASA logo on the wristband. It’s lightweight, so kids can wear it all day long, and it comes with a long-lasting rechargeable battery built in.

Surprisingly, it’s also extremely affordable, as it only costs a little over $20. It’s important to note that a full charge lasts around three hours, and the watch is suitable for children that are three years or older.

NASA Space Socks

You might overthink this as a common gift idea, but it’s a great option if your kid is a fan of anything related to outer space. These socks come with an ankle-cut design, and it includes different graphic designs for every pair.

There are five pairs of socks, each featuring designs related to NASA, space shuttles, astronauts, and outer space. Their fabric is a mix of 98% polyester and 2% spandex for flexibility. 

The sizing is fitting for a variety of youth shoe sizes, and they’re made with the utmost comfort in mind. It’ll keep their feet dry and secure without irritating the ankles or shins. Overall, an excellent choice for any young NASA enthusiast.

NASA Apollo Space Shuttle Model Building

Most kids like to tinker with toys that provide some kind of challenge or customization features. With this 3D model building kit, kids can put together their own replica of the Apollo space shuttle. There are 257 different pieces included, so they’ll have hours of fun putting it all together.

The space shuttle is just one aspect of this kit, as six different models are included. Some of these include rovers, launch sites, the solar system, and more. It’s a gift idea that offers a learning opportunity for young, growing minds, and it’s challenging enough to test their critical thinking skills.

No scissors or glue is needed to put the different models together, and it does wonders for hand-eye coordination. The product is geared toward ages eight to 14, and once fully put together, they’ll be happy to show it off as decor in their room.

NASA Rocket Ship Play Tent

Kids love a play tent as they can make it their own and feel secure within an imaginative space. This play tent resembles the shape and design of a rocket ship and also features a large U.S. flag and NASA logo.

The material is made from polyester and also comes with roof and floor anchors for added durability. It’s suitable for indoor or outdoor environments, making it a viable choice for their room, or post it up in the backyard with the family.

Assembly couldn’t be easier with the help of a detailed manual, and the tent is made with a high quality that should last all throughout their childhood. It’s easily collapsible as well, making it ready for storage when it’s not in use. 

NASA Solar System T-Shirt

If you’re looking for a simple gift idea that they’ll use on a frequent basis, you might want to consider buying this shirt. It features the official NASA logo and letter on the front and a vibrant display of the planets in our solar system. From the kid’s perspective, this will be one of their new favorite shirts in their wardrobe.

It comes in a wide range of sizes, and it’s made with 100% cotton. The design is a lightweight and classic fit with a double-needle sleeve. As they get older, they’ll remember this as one of their favorite shirts from their childhood, and it comes in many different colors, making it suitable for boys and girls.

Earth and Space Photo Archives from NASA

Many kids are bewildered at the images, colors, and objects that outer space has to offer. Over the years, NASA has taken thousands of photos, many of which have become quite iconic. This is a book of photos that’s available as a hardcover or for Kindle and features 176 pages of stunning space photography.

Each photo is extremely high quality, and the book also comes with explanatory text to help give context to the various images. The book offers an experience that kids can continue to revisit, and they’ll be eager to share what they learned with their loved ones. 

NASA and Space Vinyl Stickers

There’s no question that kids love stickers. They act as a representation of their interests, and it allows them to customize the look of various items. This 50-pack of vinyl sticks features NASA logos and many other space-related images and designs.

The stickers are waterproof and sunproof, making them perfect for the long term, and they will uphold their quality in outdoor or indoor environments. They’re also made of high-quality vinyl, so they fade or peel away over time. If you go with this gift idea, just be ready, as your child will put stickers on everything in sight.

NASA Rocket Sleeping Bag

Whether it’s for the outdoors or inside the house, this sleeping bag comes with a unique design that kids will love. It features the shape of a NASA space shuttle, and it’s made with polyester material and is extremely breathable.

Soft to the touch, kids will love hanging out in this sleeping bag any chance they get. The sleeping bag is made with high-quality stitching and measures 59″x21″. It’s primarily black and white but also features the NASA space logo and an American flag logo.