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Our Mission

At AstronomyScope.com, our mission is to connect people with the cosmos by supplying information and inspiration about the universe that surrounds us.

We believe that the wonders of the night sky should be accessible to all, and our passion is to make astronomy engaging, safe, and enjoyable for everyone.

Join us in exploring the stars and uncovering the mysteries of the heavens.

Whether you’re a novice stargazer or an experienced astronomer, we’re committed to guiding you on an awe-inspiring journey through the infinite beauty of space.

Our Story

AstronomyScope was founded in 2019 by stargazing enthusiast Jeremy Williams as a comprehensive resource for astronomers and skywatchers of all backgrounds. Inspired by his deep connection to the night sky and a passion to share its wonders, Jeremy embarked on a mission to make astronomy accessible to everyone.

Today, AstronomyScope is one of the premier online destinations for astronomy enthusiasts, offering hundreds of articles, videos, and insights into the universe. From novice stargazers to seasoned astronomers, AstronomyScope continues to guide its audience through the awe-inspiring cosmos, making the exploration of the stars accessible and enjoyable for all.

Who We Are

Jeremy Williams

Founder, CEO and Chief Editor

Chris Wilkinson Astronomy Scope Founder & Author

Hi, I’m Jeremy, a passionate astronomy enthusiast from New Mexico who has been gazing at the stars for over 12 years.

My love for the universe started at a young age when I first looked through my grandfather’s telescope, and saw the moon up close.

Since then, I have spent countless nights studying the sky, observing constellations, and tracking the movements of planets.

My dedication to astronomy has led me to attend numerous stargazing events, where I have been fortunate enough to have met fellow enthusiasts, and where I have been able to learn from experts in the field.

I have also written articles for astronomy magazines, sharing my knowledge and experiences with other enthusiasts.

In addition to my stargazing pursuits, I am also an avid traveler, often visiting remote locations with clear skies to capture stunning photos of the Milky Way and other celestial bodies.

I believe that the beauty of the night sky is something that should be shared and appreciated by everyone, and hence I created Astronomy Scope to help do so.

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