The Proven Process For Buying Your Perfect Telescope

The step-by-step guide for astronomers who want to buy the best telescope for their budget and avoid costly, frustrating buyers remorse

“Buying my first telescope was overwhelming until I found this guide. It simplified the process, explained what to look for, and deciphered all the confusing numbers. I can now easily compare telescopes side by side, and know exactly what to look at and for. This guide made the buying decision easy, and gave me the confidence to make the purchase. I am delighted with my Celestron NexStar 127SLT!” – John D.

The Telescope Buying Reference Guide That Ensures You Don’t Make One Of Life’s Biggest Purchasing Mistakes

  • Learn the ins and outs of telescope technical specification and what it all means so that you get a telescope that actually allows you to see what you want to see and you are not left disappointed, frustrated and angry.
  • Ensure you get a telescope that is worth its cost, you can actually afford and retains its value, so you don’t feel as if you’ve wasted your hard-earned cash, or you can recoup your investment down the line.
  • Ensure you get your ideal telescope the first time round, so you don’t need to go through the arduous return process of having to package up, ship and wait for your money to be returned.

Buying a telescope is a huge investment, and a massive commitment.

This piece of equipment will literally dictate what you can see and ultimately, what you get out of the hobby.

I know how important a decision this is, and having been through the process a few times, know how confusing a decision it can be to make. Comparing specification, prices, brands. It get’s overwhelming. And overwhelming fast.

Before you know it your a doubting or second guessing your decision. You cancel an order. Or you sit on the fence.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

This comprehensive eBook and guide will walk you through the entire process, giving you all the information you need to confidently find and make a decision on what telescope is best. For you!

I won’t be making any specific telescope recommendations in this book. Instead, I provide you with all the criteria you need to compare telescope types, brands, specifications and buying options and teach you how to make the decision.

That way ‘you learn how to fish’.

So, whenever you are in the market for a new telescope (perhaps again in the future), you can return to this guide and again, ensure you choose correctly.

Did you know it usually costs you (the customer) to return a telescope?

What You’ll Learn And Why Buying This eBook Is A No-Brainer

Whether you’re yet to get started, or new to the game, here’s a rundown of what is covered:

  • Dive into the different types of telescopes available, (refracting, reflecting, catadioptric) what all the terms mean, how each works and why this all matters… which means you’ll feel empowered to buy a telescope that meets your needs and expectations.
  • Decode key components like aperture, focal length, mounts, and eyepieces… which means you’ll have the knowledge to pick specifications that will delight your eyes, ensuring clear, breathtaking views of the cosmos.
  • Determining your goals and budget, choosing a telescope based on what you want to see and how much you can afford….which means you’ll end up with the perfect telescope to ignite your passion, not drain your wallet or break the bank.
  • How to choose the right telescope for you. Navigate through the strengths and shortcomings of various telescope types, alongside an exploration of top brands and manufacturers… which means you’ll invest confidently in a telescope that’s your perfect match, both in purpose and quality. You’ll be confident that your decision now won’t be one of regret years down the line.
  • Where and how to buy a telescope, including new vs used and the exact stores I recommend, so you can shop smart and avoid disappointment, which means you’ll get the best deal, avoid any scams and feel confident ahead of arrival.
  • And much, much more.
  • Includes two bonus chapters:
    • Setting Up Your Telescope (unpacking, assembling, aligning, working with eyepieces), tips for observing celestial objects and how to properly maintain/care for your telescope… which means considerably more enjoyment from the hobby, right from the outset.
    • Expanding Your Astronomical Journey – how to get the most out of the hobby, including advice on joining local astronomy clubs, exploring astronomy software and apps and more so your love for the cosmos only grows brighter.

What Other Customers Are Saying

“This guide was a timesaver! I quickly narrowed down my choices and found the perfect telescope. No more endless browsing and confusion!”

Alex Mercer

“I saved a ton of money by getting it right the first time. The guide helped me find a quality telescope within my budget. A smart investment indeed!”

Jamie Lawson

“The buying process was a breeze, and now I have a telescope I adore. It’s reignited my love for stargazing. No stress, just endless cosmic exploration!”

Taylor Greene

About The Author

Chris Wilkinson Astronomy Scope Founder & Author

Hello, my name is Jeremy and I’ve been stargazing for just over 12 years now.

I’m an experienced astronomer and a keen observer of the night sky.

I’ve learned a considerable amount through the process of buying telescopes.

I remember my first purchase.

I got it horribly wrong!

Two weeks of agony. Unboxing, setting up, failed observations, repackaging, driving to the send the package back.

Then, it took a further 14 days to get my money back.


I have since implemented a process that I follow everytime I want to upgrade my scope.

So, I decided to co-write a book to help define this process, and alleviate all the common errors I made.

This book defines how any aspiring astronomer can approach the market and not feel overwhelmed by the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this book help me if I have bought a telescope already/before?

Yes. This comprehensive guide was written with the intention of helping anyone make a telescope purchase. Whether its the first telescope or the tenth. The guide provides considerations that will help remove doubt, and identify the right purchase at the time.

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The only requirement is an internet connection to download the book. But once that’s done and it’s all downloaded, you can access an offline copy whenever and wherever you are.

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