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Are There Diamonds On The Moon? [Let’s Find Out]

Diamonds are forever, but are they on the moon? Now there’s a question that anyone with interest in precious gems wants to know. You see, the moon, Earth’s very own natural night light, is a mysterious object for a number of reasons. Besides, it’s much closer to us than any other celestial object, and we are even able to land on its surface. In fact, we’ve been able to do this for quite some time now. This means we have explored and investigated the moon and what exactly is going on there. There’s still much to be discovered about the moon, no doubt, but have our endeavors so far come across any diamonds hiding up there?

So, are there diamonds on the moon? It is estimated that there are diamonds on the moon buried within its surface. It would be very difficult to calculate exactly how many diamonds are on the moon. But we do know that they probably got there over time when traveling objects would have crashed into the lunar surface and deposited any diamonds they contained. 

Chances are, these diamonds will be worth more than the regular diamonds we find on Earth simply because they were found on the moon!

But at the moment, it isn’t cost-effective to mine the moon of its precious metals for a profit.

So it’s not something that is actively being done.

But how many are up there? Let’s find out!

How Many Diamonds Are On the Moon?

There is probably a high concentration of micro-diamonds buried within the moon’s surface.

Now, don’t get too excited. This doesn’t mean that you can hire a spacecraft and go on a mining endeavor on the moon.

Nor does it mean that we have found the cure for poverty.

Before you make any rash decisions or assumptions, let’s get all of the facts straight.

Now, here’s a bit of science for you.

Diamonds and other precious gems, such as rubies and sapphires, are able to form so long as the right chemistry, temperature, and conditions are in place at the same time.

These gems can form on Earth, but the question is can they form on the moon?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. Let’s stay on topic and talk specifically about diamonds.

Diamonds! Can they form in the universe?

Well, diamonds are pure carbon. In the universe, there is plenty of carbon. So the presence of the right source compound is there.

But there needs to be more than the presence of carbon for diamonds to form.

Otherwise, they’d be diamonds popping up constantly throughout the universe. Which, sadly, is not the case.

As well as the presence of carbon, diamonds require extremely high pressures, high temperatures, and a lack of oxygen to form.

Only when all of these are present, as well as the carbon, can diamonds form.

The moon doesn’t have all of these conditions present for diamonds to form. But guess what? That doesn’t actually matter.

Because even though there aren’t the right conditions for diamond formation on the moon, there are in space. And the moon is in space.

And over the years, some of these diamonds have probably found their way into the moon’s surface.

We’ll talk more about how these diamonds might have gotten into the moon’s surface.

The fact is that scientists estimate that there is a high concentration of micro-diamonds buried in the moon’s surface.

How many diamonds are on the moon’s surface is difficult to calculate.

As our exploration of the moon continues, one day, we’ll be able to answer this question definitively. 

Why Are There Diamonds On The Moon?

Diamonds are on the moon because, over time, traveling objects would have crashed into the lunar surface and deposited any diamonds they contained.

Now, let’s remember that diamonds are pure carbon that has been compressed so that it becomes crystallized. 

This process occurs when the carbon is present with extremely high pressures, high temperatures, and a lack of oxygen. 

Whilst the moon may possess some of the characteristics required for diamond formation, they don’t have all of them. Especially not the high temperatures required for diamonds to form; the moon is very, very cold.

So how did diamonds get on the moon? The same way other precious compounds did. Some kind of object probably crashed into it at some point in its long existence. 

What object would this have been?

Well, many objects have probably crashed into the moon throughout its existence. After all, it’s been around for a very long time.

Scientists suspect that gold got into the moon via asteroids crashing into it.

Now don’t worry!

The moon isn’t hurt by any of these crashes. It’s a powerful nonactive rock that is Earth’s very own night light. Objects crash into the moon, and they explode, but the moon stands its ground every time.

But the force carried upon impact would have ensured that the contents of any objects that crash into the moon would have descended into the lunar surface.

So, the chances are that objects containing diamonds would have crashed into the moon, depositing their contents on its surface.

What objects contain diamonds? Well, ones where diamonds can form. For example, diamonds can form in meteorites. 

It’s possible that meteorites, over time, have crashed into the moon, depositing their diamonds on its surface.

What Gems Are Found On The Moon?

Other gems that could possibly be found on the moon include opals, rubies, and sapphires. 

We’ve already talked about diamonds and even precious metals like gold, but there are also probably other gems to be found on the moon.

Now, just like diamonds, these gems cannot naturally form on the moon. The conditions just aren’t there for this process to occur.

But we do know that, like diamonds, these gems are also able to form throughout the universe.

So these gems may have found their way to the moon just the same way that diamonds did.

And do you know what? There are probably precious gems out there in the universe which we don’t have here on Earth.

Who knows? Maybe some of these have found their way into the moon’s surface as well!

Can You Mine Diamonds On The Moon?

You can mine diamonds on the moon, but it would cost a lot of money to fund as highly technical equipment is required to the point where it actually wouldn’t be cost-effective.

Don’t start hiring your diamond mining crew yet! Even if the diamonds on the moon are probably fair game, you’re going to have a job getting up there in the first place.

But if you can find a way to travel up to the moon, mine its diamonds, then transport them all the way back to Earth, then hell, you deserve to make your money…

…except you probably won’t make any money. You’ll probably make a loss overall. 

You need so much money to fund such an expedition to the moon, what with the amount of highly advanced and expensive technology that would be required.

If anyone is going to mine the diamonds on the moon, it’s the people who have been traveling up to the moon and exploring it for decades. The space agencies and companies.

These organizations have already started mining the moon for other precious metals, such as gold.

For example, space exploration company Moon ExpressI regularly sends expeditions to the moon to mine its gold and other useful resources.

But as I’ve already alluded to, it’s costing them a pretty substantial buck just to do it. Space travel ain’t cheap, after all!

Even space agencies can’t mine such precious metals for a profit just yet. 

But the future could be bright…and diamond shiny.

The moon is there; it can be mined. It’s just waiting for us to be ready to do it.

Luckily, mining the moon doesn’t bring any environmental damage.

The moon has a mass of 73 quadrillion tons.

If humans were to mine and consequently remove 1 million metric tons of materials on a daily basis, it would take 220 million years to deplete just 1% of the moon’s mass.

Such a depletion would have no impact on the moon’s ability to perform its duties that we rely on.

In the distant future, and we’re taking the very, very distant future here, humankind could look to mine other planets of their diamond content.

Scientists believe that it is raining diamonds on the likes of Neptune and Uranus. You’d need a pretty sturdy umbrella if you were visiting them any time.

How Much Are The Diamonds On The Moon Worth?

It’s unclear how much a diamond from the moon would be worth. 2-carat diamonds on Earth are valued at about $60,000. But moon rocks are sold for even more. Based on this information, we can probably say that a moon diamond would be valued at a higher price than a regular diamond found here on Earth.

Diamonds are diamonds at the end of the day…but diamonds from the moon, now surely they’ve got to carry some extra value?

On Earth, a 2-carat diamond would be valued at about $60,000. 

A quantity of diamonds weighing 382.32 kg would be valued at approximately $114.7 million. So, if you don’t know already, diamonds are very expensive. 

But do you know what’s worth even more than diamonds? Moon rocks! 

In 1993, a moon rock that weighed .2 grams was sold for $442,000. That’s way more than what a .2 gram of diamonds are valued at.

So do you know what? I reckon a diamond found on the moon would also fetch a fair dollar more than it would if it was found here on Earth.

How much it would be valued is hard to say. But who knows? Maybe one day soon, we’ll see the first moon diamond go up for auction!


So, diamonds are forever. And they are probably on the moon as well.

Even if the moon didn’t create them all on its own!

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