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Celestron PowerSeeker 50az Telescope Review [My Experience + Thoughts]

Welcome to my Celestron PowerSeeker 50az Telescope Review.

If you are in the market for a telescope, perhaps you’re new to stargazing or maybe you’re even looking for a gift, then this review will be for you.

Today, I’d like to share my thoughts, opinions and experiences with you having purchased, set up and used this particular telescope over the last few months.

Celestron PowerSeeker 50az Telescope Overview

Quick Verdict

The Celestron PowerSeeker 50az is a user-friendly telescope perfect for budding astronomers.

Its effortless assembly, lightweight design, and versatile viewing capabilities make it ideal for both sky and terrestrial observations.

A top pick for beginners and young enthusiasts, it offers a hassle-free introduction to the world of stargazing while doubling up for nature watching.

Highly recommended for novices and as a thoughtful gift.

Celestron PowerSeeker 50az Telescope Review

Having used the Celestron PowerSeeker 50az, I’ve marveled at clear lunar craters and stunning terrestrial views. Its lightweight build makes stargazing effortless. Ideal for beginners or young enthusiasts, I personally recommend this telescope for anyone keen on exploring both the sky and nature up close. A wonderful introduction to the world of observation.

Personal Testing Results

Having devoted significant time to the Celestron PowerSeeker 50az, I have carried out an extensive evaluation of this telescope, focusing on several crucial aspects.

This included a detailed examination of the optical quality, assessing clarity, sharpness, and color accuracy, which are vital for a satisfying astronomical observation experience.

I also scrutinized the magnification strength and the aperture size of the telescope to gauge its efficiency in stargazing.

The build quality was another important facet of my review, concentrating on the telescope’s robustness and the level of comfort it provides during prolonged use.

I put the Celestron PowerSeeker 50az to the test in a variety of lighting situations, particularly highlighting its performance in dim light conditions to determine its prowess in observing the night sky.

In addition, I performed a comparative study, placing the Celestron PowerSeeker 50az alongside telescopes of similar caliber in the market to assess its relative performance.

Below are the findings from my in-depth testing of the Celestron PowerSeeker 50az:

Overall Score: 7.8

Testing Feature/AspectScore (1-10)
Optical Quality7
Magnification & Focal Length8
Mount Stability & Tracking6
Ease of Use9
Build Quality & Durability8
Astrophotography Capability5
Additional Features8
User Experience9
Value for Money9
Customer Support & Warranty8

My Testing Criteria

Below are the various tests I ran, and a brief description as to what each testing feature/aspect included:

  • Optical Quality
    • Test clarity and sharpness by observing known celestial objects.
    • Check for chromatic aberration around bright objects.
    • Evaluate light gathering ability in low light conditions for faint stars or deep sky objects.
  • Magnification and Focal Length
    • Test different eyepieces for various magnifications.
    • Assess the field of view for observing large objects or star fields.
  • Mount Stability and Tracking
    • Evaluate the stability of the mount and vibration transmission.
    • For motorized mounts, test tracking accuracy for long exposure astrophotography.
  • Ease of Use
    • Assess the ease of setup and portability.
    • Evaluate the simplicity of the alignment process.
  • Build Quality and Durability
    • Check the quality of materials and overall construction.
    • Assess weather resistance against dew or light moisture.
  • Astrophotography Capability
    • Test compatibility with cameras and assess the quality of astrophotography.
    • Evaluate the quality of photos, especially for deep-sky objects.
  • Additional Features
    • Test functionality and user-friendliness of smart features like GPS or Go-To technology.
    • Review the quality and usefulness of included accessories.
  • User Experience
    • Consider the ergonomics, such as eye relief and viewing position.
    • Assess the learning curve for both beginners and advanced users.
  • Value for Money
    • Compare features and performance with other telescopes in the same price range.
  • Customer Support and Warranty
    • Gather information about the warranty, customer service, and availability of replacement parts.
  • Testing Process
    • Conduct multiple observation sessions in various conditions.
    • Compare with other telescopes of similar specifications.

My Video Review

My Photos Of The Celestron PowerSeeker 50az Telescope

Celestron PowerSeeker 50az Telescope Key Specifications

  • Optical Design: Refractor
  • Aperture: 50mm (1.97″)
  • Focal Length: 600mm (24″)
  • Focal Ratio: f/12
  • Magnification of Eyepiece 1: 30x
  • Magnification of Eyepiece 2: 50x
  • Magnification of Eyepiece 3: 150x
  • Barlow Lens: 3x
  • Finderscope: 5×24
  • Star Diagonal: 0.96″
  • Highest Useful Magnification: 118x
  • Lowest Useful Magnification: 7.14x
  • Light Gathering Power (Compared to human eye): 51x
  • Optical Coatings: Fully Coated
  • Mount Type: Manual Alt-Azimuth
  • Total Kit Weight: 2.31 lbs (1.05 kg)

What I Like About The Celestron PowerSeeker 50az Telescope

Quick Assembly

Right out of the box, the assembly process is a breeze.

With roughly 20 steps detailed in the instructions, I managed to set up the telescope in about 10 minutes.

Many components come pre-assembled, which minimizes the hassle of fitting individual pieces together.

Lightweight Design

One of the first things I noticed was its incredibly lightweight build.

Weighing approximately two pounds (or about one kilogram), this telescope, along with its tripod, is effortlessly portable.

This feature can be particularly beneficial for those who wish to relocate frequently for the best stargazing spots.

However, some users have raised concerns about stability due to its lightweight design, but I’ve found it performs well on level surfaces, especially when ensuring that the tripod legs are evenly spread out.

Included Accessories

The accessory tray provided is a convenient addition, housing three different eyepieces offering magnifications of 30x, 50x, and 150x.

The diagonal setup where you place the eyepiece is straightforward, with user-friendly screws to secure them in place.

The finder scope, which aids in quick sky object identification, is another notable inclusion, easily attachable with simple screws.

Optical Performance and Use Cases

The optical tube is attached to an alt-azimuth mount, allowing you to point and view objects in any direction with ease.

The telescope is primarily designed for astronomical viewing.

It offers crisp visuals of the moon’s craters, stars, and broad sky areas.

However, the 2-inch aperture also means it can double up for terrestrial viewing, making it ideal for watching wildlife, observing the sea, or even birdwatching.

Who Is The Celestron PowerSeeker 50az Telescope Best For?

The Celestron PowerSeeker telescope makes for an excellent gift for children (or those in their early teens) and it’s also perfect for beginners or those curious about the hobby but not yet fully committed, especially considering its affordability and the reputable brand behind it.

However, for the serious enthusiasts or those looking for a more advanced telescope, this might not be the best pick.

Such individuals might quickly outgrow its capabilities.

Final Verdict

The Celestron PowerSeeker 50az is a fantastic telescope for those starting out or seeking a dependable gift for young enthusiasts.

With its ease of setup, lightweight design, and dual viewing capabilities (astronomical and terrestrial), it checks many boxes.

However, seasoned astronomers looking for a more potent tool might want to explore other options.

I hope this review has given you a comprehensive understanding of the telescope’s features and potential users.

If you interested in buying this telescope, without doubt the best place (which often has this telescope available at the best current price) is… Amazon.

Click here to visit the Celestron PowerSeeker 50az Telescope product page directly here.

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