Press Release: Merges With AstronomyScope.Com As Of December 03, 2021

Astronomy Scope is reader-supported. Just so you know, I may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page - at no additional cost to you. This includes Amazon. was a dedicated online resource for amateur astronomers. On December 03rd, 2021, DeepSkypedia’s site was merged into Chris W is now the current owner and the CEO of

What Did DeepSkypedia Do? was an online project dedicated to helping amateur astronomers in planning their observing sessions.

The goal was to make it possible to find all the information on particular objects or groups of objects that you may find interesting while observing the sky.

Astronomy Scope

What Does Astronomy Scope Do?

Since February 2019, Astronomy Scope has operated as an online publication and resource that shares astronomy information, guides, best practices, and reviews for fellow astronomers.

The synergy between the new venture, Astronomy Scope, and DeepSkypedia resulted in a successful merger.

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