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Space Memes [The List Guaranteed To Make You Laugh]

Nothing quite beats a meme. Space memes are better. Besides, why can’t we have a laugh to make astronomy even more enjoyable?

Its always so serious. Or is it?

Below, I’ve pulled together some of the best space memes currently floating around on the internet.

And these are not in any order; so keep scrolling to the very end – I might have just saved a few of the best ones until last!

And sometimes, the clue is not in the title 😉

#1 Isolation

#2 Answer Is Alien

#3 Apple Maps

#4 Sky Is The Limit

#5 Moon Joke

#6 Water On Mars

#7 One Does Not Simply

#8 Escape To The Moon

#9 Astrophotography Gear

#10 Keanu Reeves And Gravity

#11 New Telescope

#12 Jesus

#13 Asking For Directions

#14 Jupiter

#15 Earth Rotates

#16 Asteroid

#17 Expectation vs Reality

#18 Universe Expanding

#19 Light Pollution

#20 Breathe In Space

#21 Time To Leave

#22 Nasa Astronauts

#23 Selfie In Space

And if you find any more you want me to add, just send me a message. It would be a pleasure to add it to the list!