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13 Star Themed Gifts You Must Consider Sending

Those who are fond of the wonders that astronomy has to offer tend to be quite enthusiastic about anything related to outer space. When it comes to gift ideas for such people, star-themed gifts are always a good option.

You’ll find thousands of gift ideas in this category, and this list contains some of the best options that you can find online. 

This guide will offer a detailed yet comprehensive look at some of the best star-themed gifts that are perfect for astronomy lovers.

Star and Moon Dream Catcher

Not only are they a stellar decoration piece, but dream catchers are pretty popular with many cultures all over the world. This one has an excellent design that features a crescent moon with a hanging star and numerous hanging, colorful feathers. Buyers also have multiple variations to choose from, and it’s made from a mix of materials such as wood, metal, and cotton.

Many people attach a sentimental value to such a gift, symbolizing good dreams and a good night’s rest. It also acts as a stand-out piece of wall art and is fitting for any room in the house. The gold star is the highlight of its design, and it’s made of a quality that can last for a lifetime.

Star Marquee Sign LED Light

Built with a simple design, this LED light is perfect for any home as a decorative piece that can light up a room. The lights are placed in a marquee design, providing a sense of nostalgia many people love. The LEDs are battery-powered, and they emit a low amount of heat, making fire hazards a non-issue.

Two AA batteries give the LEDs about 100 hours of continuous use, but it’s also important to note that the batteries aren’t included in the product. The white color of the star makes the lamp blend in with all kinds of decor, and it can add to the character of any room that could use a little warm light.

Star-Shaped Stress Relief Balls

Stress balls are widely popular whether you struggle with anxiety or not, as they help pass the time, distract from anxious thoughts, and even help people with ADHD. These stress balls are star-shaped and come with motivational quotes for an added dose of positivity throughout the day.

Thirty different stress balls are included with this product, and they’re made from soft polyurethane for the perfect amount of resistance and sensory satisfaction. The package also includes a wide range of colors, and their quality will guarantee years of consistent use. It’s a great gift for astronomy lovers as they can use them every day and have plenty to choose from if one gets damaged or worn out over time.

Name A Star Gift Box

This gift is an excellent idea if you’re looking for a more personal touch. Included in the box are details about a unique star you can name after a friend, partner, or family member. It also comes with a map so you can find the star in the night sky, and the gift is presented in a high-quality tin box for safekeeping.

It’s bound to put a smile on the face of someone you care about, and it’s unique enough that it won’t be replaceable for the rest of their life. The included map is a constant reminder of their piece of the universe, and the receiver will never forget who made that a reality for them. The gift box won’t break the bank as it’s very affordable, and it comes with a unique and sentimental quality that can’t be replicated.

Star Light Projector For Kids

Most kids enjoy a night light for when they sleep, and this one does much more than offer simple ambient light. The light projector features stars, moons, astronauts, rockets, UFOs, and more. It’ll create a sense of curiosity in children who are interested in space, and it comes with many different colors to give their room a celestial atmosphere.

With eight different lighting modes and a 360-degree rotation, it’ll light up more than just a corner of the room. There are three different touch buttons included to manage different modes, such as night light, main power, and shut down, all of which are easy to operate for kids. The star light projector is also a unisex gift, so it’s perfect for boys and girls, and it has a robust quality that’ll last throughout their childhood and beyond.

Star String Lights

If you know an astronomy lover who would love to add a little ambiance to their room or home, these star-string lights are an excellent solution. With 100 LEDs and a length of 49 feet, these lights will cover every corner of any room. They’re made from a durable, solid plastic, and they boast a low voltage of 30V, and the cords feature a male and female safe plug so they can be extended with more lights if needed.

The lights are also IP 44 waterproof, making them a great choice for indoor or outdoor use. With energy-saving technology, you won’t rack up an electric bill from all-day use, and the lights feature eight modes: waves, sequential order, slow fade, twinkle, and more. They have a cozy yet festive look to them, and their neutral color makes them a solid lighting options for any time of the year.

Wooden Star Hanging Photo Display

This gift idea features star clip photo holders of different sizes and shapes. Each photo comes with a star hanging below it and has a simple enough design that helps it blend in with modern or more classic home decor. It brings an artistic touch to any room and can be hung on walls, bookshelves, and above fireplaces.

The photo display includes 25 wooden gold clips, and photos can be added or removed with ease to retain a fresh look over time. It’s also fitting for postcards, artwork, or a combination of your favorites, making the display fairly customizable. The stars are made from wood and coated with a metallic paint alongside an iron chain that has a golden finish. It also covers a decent amount of wall space, as the banner is 61.5″ wide.

Star-Themed Wind Chimes

There’s a lot to love about wind chimes as they act as stylish decor and generate a calming and peaceful sound. With a retro copper color, these wind chimes come with a unique shine that’s perfect for any porch or patio. They can also be hung inside to add to home decor, but they do their best outside as that’s where the chime comes from. 

Built with four bronze-colored hollow tuned tubes, six bells, six stars, and 15 beads, each piece complements the next in sound and style. Wind chimes tend to provide a welcoming sound to any home, and they can also be a good reference for changes in weather. It has a uniform copper color, so it won’t clash with any colors in your home, and they’ll shine in the sunlight, adding a beautiful visual quality.

Moon and Star Guest Book for Baby Showers

If you know someone who’s having a kid soon, this is a great gift idea as it’ll carry memories they can hold onto for the rest of their lives. It features a clear crescent moon that holds numerous small stars with guests’ names on them. The guest book also includes a stand so it can be displayed in their home, and the receiver will always be reminded of the people who attended their child’s baby shower.

The kit includes one guest book frame, a photo frame, a wooden stand, 25 white stars, instructions, and a gold pen. It’s lightweight, portable, and easily blends in with all kinds of decor. Each star is made from a blend of wood and acrylic materials, so they won’t wear over time and will remain protected, resting inside the clear crescent moon. Although it’s catered toward baby showers, this is also a perfect gift for wedding anniversaries, graduation parties, birthdays, and more.

Iridescent Star Garland

An excellent addition to birthday parties or home decor, this garland brings a sparkle to any room and features a blend of star, moon, and circle designs. The package comes with four strings of metallic celestial objects spread across eight sets, and the total length is 64 feet. Each piece is machine sewn together with a silver thread, and they’re double sides to offer a 3D effect.

They provide an added flair to any event or can be hung on walls or from door frames as a vibrant decoration to any home. There isn’t any assembly required, and it can be hung up quickly straight out of the box. Each piece is durable enough to last for years as a decoration, and they’ll retain their sparkling quality after repeated use for events or as a lasting decoration in your home.

Star-Themed VIP Door Accessory

Whether you’re hosting a fun party or you know a kid who likes his privacy in his room, this door accessory features golden stars with a message that hints at access for VIP members only. It’s a fantastic way to keep control of who walks into a party, and kids can put it on their door to let others know to knock first. It’s a simple gift idea, but many people would put it to use, and it can be endlessly reused.

It comes with a size of 5’x30″, so it’s relatively tall and will cover a majority of the space on any door. With a blend of black and gold colors, it’s hard to miss, and it’s made from a standard plastic that’s durable enough to last a long time. It’s also fitting for outdoor or indoor environments, and it can be hung with the help of a little tape.

3D String Art – Light-Up Star Lantern

A fun arts and crafts activity for children, this is a star lantern that’s made with the help of DIY string art. The kit includes an inflatable star balloon, different colors of string, glue, and a string of 20 LED lights. It requires two AA batteries to glow, and it comes with a metallic hanging cord, craft gloves, inflation straw, and a few twist ties.

It’s a great gift idea that can be shared between children and their families, and once it’s put together, it’ll act as a decoration piece in a child’s room. They’ll be reminded of the effort and creativity they put into their work of art, and it’s bright enough to act as a night light as well. It’s a fun project that isn’t too challenging to complete and provides enough customization that kids will be entertained from beginning to end. When finished, the star has a size of 18″x18,” and its metallic hanging cord will ensure it stays in place for years.

Temperature Sensing Color Changing Star Necklace

Those who love to accessorize are always happy to receive a new necklace. Better yet, the star pendant on this necklace changes colors based on its surrounding temperature. The color can change to blue, red, green, purple, and more. With a chain length of 19.29″, it’ll be pretty fitting for most people, and the pendant is a little over an inch in width and height, so it’s not too big or too small.

Included with this gift is a jewelry gift box, making it more than ready as a gift for any occasion. The pendant is made from a metal alloy, and the chain is crafted from stainless steel. With proper care, this necklace can last a lifetime and will serve as a fond memory for the wearer. 

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