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Do Astronauts Jerk In Space?

We all wonder about it. It’s a natural impulse, after all. Besides, astronauts are out in space for months on end and there is no denying that they have downtime. But is jerking something they are known to get up to? Let’s find out!

So, do astronauts jerk in space? Astronauts may jerk off in space. However, it is increasingly unlikely due to the lack of personal space, a likely drop in testosterone levels in response to weightlessness, and the redistribution of blood to the upper body – making getting and keeping an erection increasingly difficult.

One thing is for sure, it’s not something that will ever be publically admitted by either a current or former astronaut.

It’s a personal matter after all.

And while it is unlikely NASA would ever comment on the matter either, they have been known to vaguely respond in regards to the duties of their employees:

“While we expect our employees to behave in a professional manner at all times, their personal lives are their own unless it begins to directly affect their job performance.”

Vague, but it does give off the impression that masturbation in space could occur.

And we all do have our needs that need to be met.

Or do we?

In reality, male astronauts are unlikely to have the same sex drive as the typical male down here on Earth.

Here is what one former astronaut had to say on life in space:

“It can be crowded, noisy, and occasionally uncomfortable. Space travel—at least the way we do it today—isn’t glamorous.”

Former Astronaut, Dan Winters

There’s a lot of hard work to do, food and diet really aren’t all that optimal and there’s a lot of stress, too.

So, just because an astronaut may have the opportunity to do so, does not necessarily mean they could, or would even want to for that matter.

For the most part.

There was an interesting interview in Men’s Health from another, a former astronaut, Mike Mullane.

He was quoted as sharing the following:

“A couple of times, I would wake up from sleep periods and I had a boner that I could have drilled through kryptonite.”

So erections, do, and can, occur in space.

But he did also go on to say the following:

“In the space shuttle program, where we had males and females, I can tell you that nobody was doing that because there’s absolutely no privacy. The only privacy would have been in the air lock, but everybody would know what you were doing. You’re not out there doing a spacewalk. There’s no reason to be in there.”

So, those kryptonite erections probably didn’t last long.

And here’s another thing to consider.

What would happen in the aftermath of a successful jerk?

Well, the clean-up process would be particularly challenging.

Here is a video of an astronaut on the International Space Station explaining how spillages are cleared up in space:

I can therefore imagine, it’s not really worth the effort!


In reality, chances are an astronaut has likely jerked in space.

Whether it is a regular occurrence, enjoyable to do so, or even properly possible; well unless any astronaut ever publically discusses it, I guess we will never truly know!

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