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What Is The Weight Of A 68kg Astronaut On Earth? [& The Method]

Trying to solve the 68kg astronaut on Earth problem? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today, you can find the answer along with the method to get there.

So, what is the weight of a 68kg astronaut on Earth? The weight of a 68 kg astronaut on earth is 664.4N (Newtons). This is otherwise known as the force.

Let us now look at how we got this answer!

The Method To Work It Out

First, we need to start with the mass (or weight).

Mass = 68kg

We then need to use the acceleration on Earth, which is: 9.8m/s2 (squared)

Remember the acceleration on Earth; it’s important for solving any problems.

We then simply need to find the force.

Force = Mass x Acceleration

So, that simply means the equation is:

68 x 9.8 = 666.4N

So, when you answer this question, ensure that your mass is measured in KG and your acceleration is measured in meters per second (squared).

So if your question gives you those, use them.

Otherwise, you may need to do some conversions.

Remember it has to be in those units to be able to get the answer.

In Other Questions

So, let us now take the process and plug it into other similar questions:

What is the weight of a 76kg astronaut on Earth = 744.8 Newtons

76 (mass) x 9.8 (Earths acceleration)

What is the weight of an 84kg astronaut on Earth = 823.2 Newtons

84 (mass) x 9.8 (Earths acceleration)