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Is Russia Bigger Than The Moon?

It’s pretty large isn’t it, Russia. Well, the largest country in the world in fact. It simply dominates a globe or world map. So the question naturally arises, is it bigger than the Moon? Well, you’ll be pleased you popped by. I am going to be discussing exactly how these two compare in terms of size.

So, is Russia bigger than the Moon? Russia is wider than the Moon, with a width of around 9,000 km, from east to west. In contrast, the Moon is estimated to be 3,474.8 kilometers wide (given in diameter as the Moon is spherical). However, Russia’s land mass is less than the total surface area of the moon, with 17.1 million km² of Russia compared to 38 million km² of the moon.

In other words, the Moon is 2.22 times as big as Russia.

That’s perhaps how you will want to imagine it.

So let’s continue to explore the size differences by looking at the key numbers below.

How Big Is Russia?

Russia is the largest country on Earth.

Here are the important numbers for Russia in regard to its size:

  • Total Area (Km²): 17,098,242
  • Total Area (Mi²): 6,601,665
  • Land Area (Km²): 16,376,870
  • Land Area (Mi²): 6,323,142
  • % of World Land Mass: 11%

So 11% of the world is actually made up by Russia!

How Big Is The Moon?

The Moon is a roughly a quarter of the size of Earth. It has just less than a third of the total width of Earth. 

Here are the important numbers for the Moon in regard to its size:

  • Radius: 1,740 km.
  • Mean Diameter/Width: 3,475 km
  • Equatorial Circumference: 10,917 km
  • Distance From Earth: 384,400 kilometers

“If Earth were the size of a nickel, the moon would be about as big as a coffee bean.”


Related Questions

Is Russia Wider Than The Moon?

Russia is wider than the moon, with a width of around 9,000 km, compared to the Moon’s diameter of 3,474.8 km.

What country is bigger than the moon?

No country is bigger than the Moon, though Russia, Canada, China, United states, Brazil and Australia are wider.

What planet is Russia bigger than?

Russia is bigger than the planet Pluto. Russia’s surface area is 17,098,242 sq km. compared to Pluto’s 16.7 million square kilometers surface area.

Can the moon fit Russia?

The moon cannot fit Russia as its 2.2x as big. Thus, and in contrast, 2.2 Russia’s could fit into the moon.

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