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What Was The First Fruit Eaten On The Moon?

There’s something rather fascinating about the diet of astronauts. Particularly, the first foods that were ever eaten there. But what fruit made its way passed the lips of a human outside the earths atmosphere for the first time? I spent some time researching NASAs historical records to find out!

So, what was the first fruit eaten on the moon? The first fruit eaten on the moon was a peach. It was consumed during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, after the successful landing at the Sea of Tranquility. The peach was canned and part of a wider meal that also included a fruit drink containing pineapple and grapefruit juices.

It was Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin who were spoilt by the luxury of canned peaches.

While not exactly fresh, is is fair to say that their options were relatively limited!

So a peach was the first fruit, but what about the first food, or even meal?

What Was The First Meal Served To US Astronauts On The Moon?

The first meal on the moon consisted of bacon squares, sugar cookie cubes, a coffee, and a drink containing both pineapple and grapefruit juices. The astronauts ate this shortly after landing safely on the lunar surface.

But this meal was quickly followed by another.

Once the astronauts had finished a few errands such as sample collecting.

They then returned to their transportation vessel, and consumed a second meal.

This time, it was cream of chicken soup, beef stew, grape punch, and a date fruitcake. All washed down with a an orange drink.

Seems kind of strange right.

Furthermore these meals were not served how you might expect.

They were freeze-dried – so all the moisture had been removed and they were packed tightly into an airtight packaging.

Not only did this make transportation easier, but it also kept the foods preserved in both taste and nutrition.

It is also believed that after the second meal, the astronauts had additional food in the form of dried fruit, candy bars and even bread!

What Was The First Food On The Moon?

The first food ever eaten on the moon came shortly before the canned peaches and the first official meal. This food was a small wafer.

It was Buzz Aldrin who famously ate this wafer. And it was done so after taking communion. The wafer, therefore merely represented the ‘Body of Christ’ and was in essence, the equivalent of bread.

Of course, a small piece of wafer does not really make it the first meal on the moon; but it certainly is theoretically, the first food ever eaten.


Walking on the lunar, looking at the peaches….

Not really.

That’s perhaps unfair on the Stranglers there.

But canned peaches were the first fruit eaten on the moon.

And they were followed by what we can only describe as an… interesting meal.

Astronaut gotta eat!

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What Was The First Drink On The Moon?

The first drink consumed on the moon was a fruit drink containing pineapple and grapefruit juices. This accompanied the first meal.

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