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Where Are Orion Telescopes Made?

Are you interested in purchasing equipment from the manufacturer Orion? Wondering where their products are made before you do? Well, here is what you will want to know.

So, where are Orion telescopes made? Orion Telescopes are made in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. This is where the manufacturing facility is for Synta Technology Corporation, who do so on behalf of Orion. That being said, Orion’s headquarters are based in Watsonville, California, where the product development team designs new products.

It’s actually a little complex.

Orion is a US-based, employee-owned company.

They are located in central California, in the Monterey Bay area, and have offered high-quality optic products since 1975.

But a lot has changed since then, including the odd buyout here and there.

For instance, they were bought by Imaginova in 2005, and re-purchased by its employees in 2017.

Nevertheless, Orion has retained their US presence.

They have a retail store in Watsonville along with a large warehouse where they stock their pre-made product.

It is from here that they are shipping out upon customer purchase.

So while they may not be made there; it’s where they are held and where they will be delivered from.

And they ship internationally, and year-round too.

But what are their products like?

Let’s now find out!

Does Orion Make Good Telescopes?

Orion is widely recognized as one of the best and most trusted brands of astronomy and outdoor optic equipment.

They are known for manufacturing high-quality products and then offering them at a reasonable price point.

Alongside this, Orion has an excellent reputation for its high level of customer service.

Shipment is organized on the same day as an order, and Orion is one of the few manufacturers that offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and an accompanying one-year warranty on the products, should they have any issues or defects.

That being said, not all Orion telescopes work the same way and there are nuances between them.

Each of these means that each Orion telescope will have its unique advantages as well as disadvantages.

So you will need to do your research and due diligence to find the best product, to meet your needs.

Neverthless, and on the whole, Orion has a great reputation and worldwide presence.


Product research and design in California – manufacturing in Asia – shipment and delivery to California – shipment to the customer.

That is essentially how the process works.

And it works well.

So just imagine it like a circular loop, or like this in some ways:

Green being in China, Blue being in the US (or managed there).

It’s a basic overview and probably missing key parts of the process, but it gives you a rough idea and visualization.

And while you may or may not have your views on it, just consider that this is generally how the optics market works.

In fact, even Celestron operates in very much the same way.

So don’t let it put you off if this normally would.

And while it may sound a little laborious, it hasn’t really impacted the quality and that’s Orion’s problem to deal with.

Not yours.

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Are Orion Telescopes Made In China?

Orion telescopes are made in China, where the components are made and the product is assembled.

Who Makes Orion Telescopes?

Synta Technology Corporation of Taiwan makes Orion telescopes, among several other brands including Celestron.