13 Astronomy Poster Gifts You Have To Consider Gifting!

Offering endless wonder and amazement, astronomy is a topic that can be enjoyed by everyone. You don’t have to be a fanatic to appreciate what exists in our universe, but if you know someone who’s particularly fond of it, then a poster can be the perfect gift.

Many people overthink when searching for the right gift when in reality, some of the most simple gifts can act as the biggest gesture. 

So in this guide, I am going to list some of the best astronomy poster gifts that will be sure to go down well and give back time and time again.

Vintage Space Exploration Patent Prints

Space exploration has only been possible due to the technological advancements we have available. This set of posters comes with various patent prints of notable pieces of technology that have been a huge part of our exploration of outer space. They’re all printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper, which gives them an authentic feel and a quality that’ll last over time.

The prints include shuttles, space suits, rovers, and more, and they can be easily framed without warping their visual quality. It’s a great gift idea for those who love astronomy or engineering, and their neutral look will fit with any room in the house. Not only do they offer interesting designs, but their visual details will be an instant conversation starter.

Solar System Print Poster

Made with canvas material, this poster comes with all kinds of data on astronomy and our solar system. It includes various information such as distance, weight, mass, and more, and you’ll also find data about the Kuiper belt and Oort Cloud. The size of the poster is 16”x30,” and it’s relatively thing, so it’s easy to fit on any wall. It’s an excellent gift idea for all ages, as it’s a constant reminder of what our universe has to offer.

At the top and bottom are two wood polls, allowing you to easily collapse the poster for storage or move it to another wall. To hang the poster, you’ll only need a single nail or screw as it will freely hang, minimizing damage to the wall. The poster features all eight planets of our solar system along with a wide range of unique information that adds to the amazing nature of celestial objects.

Map of the Universe Poster

Our solar system may come with an immense amount of knowledge, but if you want to take it up a notch, this map of the universe poster dives a bit deeper into space. It covers all kinds of beautiful imagery from many areas of outer space while acting as a roadmap to where everything is located, from stars, nebulas, planets, and much more.

It also includes many different constellations, and you can get lost in the minor details as you ponder the vastness of our universe. There are a decent number of buyers who seem to love the poster, and it’s 36″x36″, so it’ll cover a fair amount of space on a wall. The information on the poster gives you an understanding of how our universe functions, which will only create more interest in astronomy as a whole.

Glow in the Dark Constellation Map

This poster focuses on the many known constellations in the night sky. Moreover, it glows in the dark, which will add a vibrance to its image once the lights go down in the evening. It’s 33″x23,” and it also comes with some educational information about the constellations. The glow is strong enough that it acts as a great gift for young kids who are afraid of the dark or simply prefer some extra light when they sleep.

It comes gently rolled in a tube for delivery, so if you want to ensure it hangs as flat as possible, you may want to look into a proper frame. It’s a combination of stellar illustration and education that’s great for all ages to enjoy and should offer years of lasting quality with proper care.

Celestial Phases Poster

It may be somewhat small, but this poster is packed with intriguing information about our universe and the changes it goes through. On a daily basis, it may seem like celestial objects don’t change too much, yet this is far from the truth. It shows how planets work in orbit and what their shape looks as it rotates around the sun.

The poster is 11”x14” and is small enough to be framed on a desk, shelf, or anywhere you’d like on the wall. Boasting a semi-matter Fuji Crystal Archive paper construction, it offers durability that withstands the test of time, becoming a permanent member of home decor. For those who love to learn about outer space, you can’t go wrong with this poster as a gift idea.

Vintage Space Posters

Their unique design and styles are hard to pass up, as this poster kit comes with 12 different designs, all of which feature various aspects of outer space and the pop culture that goes along with it. From spaceships, astronauts, and even aliens, the vibrant colorways make them an excellent choice as home decor.

You can either spread them out in different areas of the house or place them all together for a bigger wall piece. Frames and nails aren’t needed either, as each poster comes with a peel-and-stick feature for easy application. Not only is each poster unique, but their designs complement each other with similar art styles. This is a stellar gift for kids and adults that have a special interest in astronomy.

Solar System Banner Poster

This is one of the most cost-efficient posters on this list, and it also provides some of the most detailed information. Three different banner posters are included, each providing something new and unique to appreciate. Starting off with vivid and colorful illustrations of our solar system, the top banner lays out the sun and every planet, along with numerous moons and labels for every celestial object.

For the second banner, you get tons of information on each planet in the solar system, many of which are facts that are guaranteed to amaze. Once you get down to the third banner, this one offers details on some of the most prominent space exploration technology we’ve benefited from over the years. This is a perfect gift for kids or anyone who’s looking to learn more than just surface-level information about objects in our solar system.

The Chart of Cosmic Exploration

An interesting sight with a plethora of detailed data on humanity’s efforts into space exploration, this poster includes a lot of information on our space travels. It’s an infographic print that dives into a lot of the technology that has been used to explore space, as well as their flight patterns and where they’ve been in our solar system.

It features our sun, planets, and their moons, and the poster identifies the various devices that have traveled where no human has gone before. We may have made our way to Earth’s moon, but human engineering and curiosity have gone much farther than that. This poster is a winning gift idea for anyone who’s interested in space exploration and how we gather data on the universe.

You are Here Galaxy Poster

It may not be riddled with a stack of information about outer space, but it provides a unique look at where we live in our massive galaxy. The poster boasts a vibrant and gorgeous look at our galaxy and the colors that go along with it while highlighting the position of Earth among the many planets, stars, and other celestial objects that surround it.

It’s a simple design, but it’ll make you feel small compared to what else exists in our galaxy and the universe beyond. The size of the poster is 24″x36″, and it’s made from plastic, so it’d be a good idea to find a frame for it to help retain its shape. It would look great alongside any other astronomy decor, and it’ll always offer a reminder as to how small all of us are in comparison to the wonders of deep space.

Helix Nebula Space Poster

If you know someone who truly appreciates wondrous visuals from outer space, this poster should do the trick. With vibrant colors that represent what the nebula looks like, the image on the poster seems as if it’s looking right back at you. For any astronomy enthusiast, this would be well accepted as a gift idea. The imagery is provided by NASA, and it’s merely a glimpse into the beauty that outer space has to offer.

It’s made from a paper material which makes it easy to pin to walls, but if you want it to retain its image quality for years, a frame will easily make sure of that. You can also choose from different sizing options to find the perfect fit for any room, and the gorgeous image will act as a conversion piece for anyone who sees it. Many buyers seem to love it for themselves, so I’d say this is a go-to gift idea for those who appreciate the universe for what it is.

Hubble Ultra Deep Field Hi Gloss Space Poster

Thanks to this hi-gloss poster, one of the most famous images from the Hubble telescope can now be enjoyed every day. It features the image in impressive detail, which displays numerous stars, planets, galaxies, and other celestial objects that remain far and wide. There are so many intricate details that you can easily stare at it for hours in wonder, as even the smallest dot in the photo can potentially contain a seemingly endless number of worlds, stars, and more.

Interestingly, this photo was re-taken with the newer James Webb telescope, and it revealed much more detail, but that doesn’t take away from the iconic information that Hubble brought to the world. Anyone who spends time with astronomy knows what this picture is and would love to have a sizeable copy for themselves. You can also purchase it in a decent range of sizes, and it comes shipped in a protected rigid container to ensure a perfect quality poster.

Star Builders Solar System and Beyond Poster

For those who have an appreciation for data, this poster is one of the most detailed on this list. With it, you’re able to review every planet in our solar system, along with their moons and even dwarf planets, Voyager 1 & 2, and even information on Alpha Centauri. Not only does it display celestial objects in our solar system, but it breaks them down in vivid detail so you can learn about them inside and out.

You may come across a few things you already know about, but the poster takes things one step further by providing a literal map of our solar system. This includes layers and composition of each planet, mass, temperature, and unit scales, plus an illustration of Earth’s core and exosphere. It doesn’t stop there; you’ll also find a solar system anniversary calendar, including atmospheric constituents and more.

Equatorial Star Map Poster

If you’re searching for a more detailed map of our stars and constellations, this poster map has a lot to offer astronomy lovers. It goes much further than the few constellations we tend to look for in the night sky, and it also has them all mapped out in their correct positions in reference to our solar system. The poster provides a small legend at the bottom left which helps you identify different stars and constellations, making it an educational piece that also doubles as wall art.

You can choose between three different colorways as well as three different sizing options so you can find the perfect fit. It’s made from a paper material, so it isn’t the most durable, but that can be easily fixed with a reliable frame. A majority of reviews seem to love the poster themselves, and everyone agrees it’s an awesome gift idea for people who love to star gaze or simply have an appreciation for general astronomy.

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