12 Solar System Gifts For Adults You Have To Consider!

Those with a passion for astronomy tend to be pretty enthusiastic about the topic. Easily satisfied by the wonders outer space has to provide, getting them a solar system gift tends to go down particularly well.

Even with varying interests, there are tons of astronomy gifts out there that are bound to make an impression.

Keep reading through this guide for the best options you can find on the market that are great for any adult who loves our solar system.

Nine Planets in Solar System Natural Gemstone

Featuring all nine planets in our solar system on a beautiful walnut wooden holder, this gift makes for an excellent decoration piece for an office, bedroom, living room, and more. Each planet is crafted with real gemstones, each with its own unique flair that represents the identifiable traits of each planet.

They also come in different sizes to scale the differences between them, and you’ll notice a nice polish on them that helps display their bold colors. With their dazzling color and neutral-colored holder, it’s a solid gift for any celebratory occasion.

Solar System 3D Optical Illusion Lamp

With a 3D optical illusion that tricks the eye from every angle, this limp will illuminate any room with warm lighting. The lamp comes with an IR remote, which has twenty-four separate keys so you can customize its color, along with four different flash colors and brightness adjustment controls. 

The lifespan of the LED is around 10,000 hours of use, and you can power it with three AA batteries or use its USB charging feature. Not only does it provide a calming light, but it’s also a statement piece to any room you place it in. Whether you want to read a book, prefer dim lighting, or simply love the images the solar system has to offer, this would be a stellar gift for any astronomy enthusiast.

Hubble’s Universe: Greatest Discoveries and Latest Images

It may be a simple idea, but this book is guaranteed to provide endless amazement with the high-quality images and extensive details it has to offer about our universe. It contains years of photos from the Hubble telescope’s time in space, and it provides many more images than what exists in our solar system.

There are likely to be all kinds of images you’ve never seen before, and the well-written captions and information will captivate anyone who opens the book. From planets, stars, galaxies, and more, it’s something that’ll fascinate anyone regardless of their level of interest in astronomy. 

The book offers tons of images that have been recorded since 1990. On top of their natural beauty, it also acts as a great source of education on many aspects of our solar system and universe beyond.

3D Illuminated Globe With Stand Wooden Puzzle

Puzzles can be enjoyed by anyone, and the design of this globe puzzle is unique, to say the least. With 180 pieces included, it’ll take a decent amount of effort to complete, even if you consider yourself to be a puzzle connoisseur. Once fully completed, you’ll have an 11.5′ globe that offers an antique look with a wooden base and LED light included.

It also comes with a manual that has detailed instructions for certain components, and each part is laser cut with precision, so they come together seamlessly. Considering how much time it may take to put together, the puzzle provides a sense of relaxation as it requires a decent level of focus.

Puzzles are always an awesome gift idea for anyone who likes to tinker or challenge themselves, and the final results will act as new home decor, along with decent lighting. You can gift this puzzle for birthdays and numerous holiday’s throughout the year, and it’s a safe bet that people who like astronomy will love it as soon as they see it.

80mm AZ Space Astronomical Refractor Telescope

For those who are serious about studying our solar system and other celestial objects, this 80mm telescope should do the trick as a gift idea. Designed by Gskyer, this telescope offers a 400mm focal length and an 80mm aperture that allows you to see the night sky in pristine detail. 

Users will get all the magnification they need as it’s capable of 16X, 40X, and 80X zoom, along with an included 3X Barlow lens. The tripod comes with all the adjustments you need to get the perfect angle, and it delivers stability that’ll ensure you can track your favorite objects in the solar system.

Even though the telescope comes with some impressive capabilities, it isn’t hard to set up or break down, making it an extremely portable option for a night of star gazing. It also includes a phone attachment so you can capture some photos, and the detailed instructions will help you use the telescope to your advantage. Other users who have spent some time with the telescope have shared many positive comments, and it’ll surely bring excitement to anyone who appreciates astronomy.

 LEGO International Space Station

Nowadays, most people agree that LEGOs are for any age group, and this international space station design is a perfect gift for adults interested in the technology that resides in our solar system. The design of this LEGO set includes two rotating joints, eight solar panels that are adjustable, and other minor details about the ISS.

What’s great about the ISS is that it has allowed us to research and learn about our solar system from a perspective we simply can’t get on Earth. There are other pieces included, such as two astronaut mini-figures, three small cargo spacecraft, and a miniature NASA space shuttle.

Regardless of your experience with LEGOs, this kit is bound to take a bit of time to put together. You’ll also get the benefit of a booklet that includes 148 pages of information about the ISS. The full set offers 864 pieces and a glorious look when fully built and put on display. This gift idea may not pertain directly to the planets in our solar system, but it’s a detailed representation of the technology that’s used to understand our planet, solar system, and beyond.

Space Playing Cards: Featuring Photos from the Archives of NASA

These space-themed playing cards would easily be a hit with anyone who has an interest in our solar system and universe as a whole. Each card comes with photos from NASA’s archives and offers the standards needed for a wide range of card games. The deck includes photos of our solar system and many other deep space celestial objects.

It also comes with a custom tin case for excellent protection, and the card backs are made in two pantone colors. A deck of cards is meant to be shared with others, making this a gift idea that’ll bring family and friends together while providing awe and wonder due to the vivid images NASA has to offer.

Universe Space Insulated Zipper Lunch Bag Cooler Tote Bag

With the busy lives adults are accustomed to, it’s important to have a break with a decent lunch in the midst of it all. No matter what industry you work in, it’s essential your lunch stays protected and fresh throughout the morning, and that requires a lunch bag that’ll have your back. This bag comes with many use cases, such as an insulated lunch bag, tote bag, or cooler. 

The outside design is themed after our solar system and features easy to read labels for each planet. It’s also waterproof, and the inner lining is a food-grade aluminum foil, and it can keep your lunch either cold or warm for up to five hours. With a sturdy and reliable zipper, it’ll keep your lunch, groceries, and any other items secure throughout the day.

Unisex Solar System Socks

You might think socks are somewhat of a gag gift, but with people who truly love our solar system, these are bound to be a hit for men and women alike. The socks feature the various planets within our solar system and come in all kinds of bright colors, which is perfect for someone who likes to keep an eccentric sock rotation.

Crafted from a blend of 80% cotton, 17% nylon, and 3% elastane, the socks deliver excellent comfort and flexibility for all-day wear. 

The quality of these socks should hold up for quite a long time, and they do an outstanding job of retaining their shape and elasticity after each wash. They aren’t too expensive, and you’ll get three pairs included with your order that feature different colorways. 

Solar System Pattern Super Soft Throw Blanket

A blanket that takes warmth and comfort to a new level, it’s made from a blend of fleece and polyester materials, it’s lightweight, and it comes in a decent size of 60”x80”. The design features our solar system in vibrant detail, making it a stellar gift for adults who truly love astronomy.

Whether you want to snuggle up with your favorite book, watch a movie, or take a cozy nap, this blanket will be a go-to choice if you’re looking for some extra comfort at home. It’s machine washable, but it’s important not to use bleach or direct heat as that could damage the integrity of the blanket’s materials.

It seems to be a hit with many people, and the excellent solar system design won’t fade over time. Having a few trustworthy blankets in the house never hurts, and it’ll be an immediate favorite for those who love our planets and stars.

Space Theme Bookmarks with Metal Charms

This is a winning gift idea if you have a bookworm in your family or group of friends, as these bookmarks come with unique designs, and there are twenty-four different styles to put to use. Each bookmark comes with a space theme that primarily features aspects of our solar system, along with astronauts, rockets, stars, and more.

They also come with a ruler design included for easy measurements, if needed, and each bookmark has a metal charm attached that comes with a celestial design as well. Book lovers are always happy to stock up on new bookmarks, and if they’re interested in astronomy, they’re the perfect pairing for their favorite astronomy books.

Each bookmark is made with a smooth and water-resistant surface, and they aren’t flimsy by any means. The charms are gold-plated with a mix of enamel, and they’ll retain their colorful quality for years to come. You have three different quantities to choose from, such as 24, 48, or 72 bookmarks, and each includes a substantial variety of solar system themed designs.

Eight Planets Necklace Pendant

A gift that’ll dazzle and spark plenty of interest, this necklace comes with a pendant that features a planet of your choice or other celestial objects from our universe. They offer various pendants to choose from, each featuring a different planet, starry sky, or even our moon. 

Although the necklace is marketed toward women, it can be worn by anyone as the surrounding material is pretty neutral.

It’s made from a mixture of metal alloy and glass, and it’s a simple yet impactful gift idea for any adult who has a passion for our solar system. The necklace is durable enough to last a lifetime with proper care, and you can put the pendant on a different necklace if you choose. 

Many people appreciate how affordable it is too, so you won’t have to break the bank to make an everlasting impression on a friend or family member. 

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