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12 Superb Space Gifts For Teenagers

Finding a gift for a teen who loves outer space can be quite the challenge. With what seems to be countless options available, it can be challenging to make a decision on which one you should buy – and what one is ultimately best.

Thankfully, this guide will help you by providing multiple options across different price points and even space interests. I’m only going to cover the best received and those with the best reviews too; I’ve compared a lot to compile it – so be sure to check them all out!

With that said, let’s delve into those space gifts for teenagers that are known to be a guaranteed hit with any young space enthusiast.

Solar System Reference For Teens

This is a book that’s available on Kindle or as a physical paperback, and it comes with a vast range of material that covers different aspects of our solar system. It offers celestial objects in the solar system along with its rich history that help explain many of the mysteries that focus on today.

It comes with plenty of images to reference, including illustrations, diagrams, and a close look at many of the most prominent objects in our solar system. Teens will also benefit from a wide range of interesting facts, and it’s constructed to give a sense of exploration through our solar system as it’s educational and drives a sense of wonder.

Levitating Moon Lamp

It may look relatively simple, but this moon lamp is bound to impress as it levitates and simulates zero gravity. The 3D-printed lamp offers three different colors to choose from, and it’s small enough to fit in any room without distracting from the other decor. It also comes with a base that has a wood finish design.

The moon is powered and levitates with the help of electromagnetic induction, which means cables or built-in batteries aren’t needed. With the warm tone it provides, it’ll set the mood when the sun goes down, and teens will love how it looks floating in place in their room.

Included with the lamp are a gift box, the base, an AC adapter, and a user manual for easy setup. Due to the electromagnetic force, the moon should remain in place at all times, but you can easily adjust it by hand if needed.

Astronaut Wall Art

As people enter their teenage years, they tend to be interested in different art forms that reflect their interests and creative side. This wall art set is a great gift idea as it provides six unique images of astronauts in outer space that boast a sense of celestial exploration.

The prints are high quality and extremely detailed, and they’re perfect for any teen’s bedroom. Each one is littered with vibrant colors, and they’re waterproof and tear-resistant and won’t fade over time.

The different images carry their own emotions and are so detailed you can stare at them and ponder for hours. With a size of 8×10,” these prints will fit on any wall without taking up too much space in the room.

LED Laser Star Projector

The teenage years generally come with a desire for self-expression in many different ways, and this LED laser star projector is a great way to do that. Not only does it deliver astounding colors and visuals, but it’s also an easy way for teens to customize the look of their room. 

Offering a look of drifting blue stars among a nebula cloud, it brings an ambiance that many people would love to be surrounded by. It’s also quite relaxing as it envelopes any room from corner to corner and makes any teen’s room a little more vibrant.

Easy controls allow you to cycle through different light effects, and you can adjust brightness or start and stop its rotation with little effort. There may be many other products like it, but very few deliver the detail and intricate designs that this one does.

Celestron Astronomy Binoculars

Some people may think a telescope is a little overkill for their teen, but you can still give them a clear shot of the night sky with the help of these astronomy binoculars. Made by Celestron, they offer large 50mm objective lenses and a wide field of view with a 7x magnification.

You can also choose to add additional features, such as a tripod or smartphone adapter. It’s an excellent tool for viewing more short-range objects in outer space, such as passing comets and the moon, and viewing constellations with more accuracy and detail.

Users will benefit from the binocular’s multi-coated optics, which provide greater light transmission with better resolution and contrast. The durable aluminum housing will ensure they withstand the test of time, and it delivers maximum light during the darkest hours the night has to offer.

Meteorite Pendant Necklace

A necklace that’s beyond unique, this pendant includes an authentic piece of meteorite that also comes with a certificate of authenticity. The meteorite fragment comes from Campo Del Cielo in Argentina and weighs around 7 grams. The necklace can be adjusted easily, and each piece of meteorite is unique from the next.

With the necklace comes a small wood treasure chest that you can store the necklace in. Teens will find a sentimental quality in this gift idea, and the necklace is worthy as a keepsake throughout the rest of their lives. They’ll want to wear it every day, and it comes with an interesting story that’ll fascinate others. This necklace is a solid option if you’re looking for a memorable gift idea.

400mm AZ Mount Astronomy Telescope

If you’re looking to make an outstanding impression, this telescope is an excellent gift. It’s lightweight, easy to assemble, and perfect for stargazing or tracking various celestial objects. An excellent telescope for beginners, teenagers, would happily spend hours with it, staring at the night sky.

The telescope includes three eyepieces, a smartphone adapter, a 3x Barlow lens, and a 5x finder. The build quality is quite substantial, and it delivers plenty of zoom to get a close look at the many wonders that outer space has to offer.

The telescope is pretty affordable as well, and with proper care, it should last years before your teen will start looking at an upgrade. It seems to be a hit with many other previous buyers, and it comes with more than enough features to satisfy a young astronomy enthusiast.

100-Pc Space Sticker Pack

Most teenagers love to collect stickers and slap them on everything they possibly can. This pack comes with 100 different space stickers, all of which come with a different design. Great for laptops, water bottles, skateboards, and more; there’s more than they’ll know what to do with. 

Each sticker offers a different theme, whether it’s NASA, rocket launches, astronauts, or space exploration, and the pack is full of vibrant colors that teens will love. The stickers can be placed on a wide range of surfaces, and the adhesive won’t damage their electronics or any of their favorite items.

Made from high-quality vinyl and different inks, the stickers will uphold their quality for years. They also boast a waterproof film and a 2500CPS adhesive, and they can be easily removed from any surface if needed.

Tumbler Travel Mug

Considering a majority of teens are fairly active between school and their other interests, many of them like to have water or their favorite drink on the go. This space-themed traveler mug features the phrase “I Need More Space,” which is perfect for the independent nature of many teenagers.

Eco-friendly and made from stainless steel, this mug is double-wall vacuum insulated. It keeps drinks cold for nine hours or hot for up to three hours. With a 590ml capacity, it holds enough liquid for all-day use, and there’s enough room to add ice if that’s what they prefer.

The lid provides a spill-proof design, and it’s clear, so you can always see how much liquid you have left. You can take a sip from the lid or add a straw to ensure your lid stays as clean

The Hubble Cosmos Book

Anyone who has an interest in outer space knows all about the Hubble telescope. This hardcover book offers over 150 stunning photographs that cover many different areas of our solar system and beyond.

Not only does it have many stellar images, but it brings an understanding of the universe that’ll leave any reader in awe. This book comes with a quality that’ll be interesting for a lifetime, and it covers twenty-five years of what the Hubble was able to capture in outer space. 

The book offers a range of history that spans the early days of the Hubble telescope. It also dives into what the near future holds for space exploration, and it’s an excellent gift idea for those who like exploring the cosmos from the comfort of their home.

Kinetic Asteroid Art Decoration

An interesting piece of art decor that delivers perpetual motion, the design illustrates different features of our solar system. It consistently moves in various directions without pause, and many teens will love the added flair it brings to their room.

With a blend of metal and plastic, it comes with a sturdy yet neutral design that’ll blend with any teenager’s personal style. It requires a 9V battery to function, and the design comes with randomly colored balls resembling the planets, sun, and other celestial objects in our solar system. A solid gift idea for boys and girls, many teenagers will find its design interesting and satisfying to look at all day long.

NASA Space Patent Posters

For teens who have a knack for engineering or space technology, this poster set comes with six different patent illustrations from NASA. The posters feature astronaut suits, space shuttles, and more, and a detailed look at how some of our space technology is made.

They also come in a standard 8×10″ size, making them easy to place on any open wall space. The posters are made from Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper to provide long-term durability.

It allows a young astronomy lover to study some of the tech that’s allowed us to explore outer space and the various intricacies that go into making each mission successful. You can place each one in different areas of a room or keep them together for a more uniform look. 

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