Where Are Celestron Binoculars Made?

Are you considering getting a pair of Celestron binoculars but first want to know where they are made? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s find out.

So, where are Celestron binoculars made? Celestron Binoculars are made in Torrance California, the United States. However, as a subsidiary of Synta Technology Corporation of Taiwan, all binocular components and parts are made in China and supplied to Celestron’s American facilities.

So in reality, and technically, they are made in China, constructed in America.

It’s a bit of both, really.

Neverthless, and with this in mind, let us now continue to explore Celestron as a brand and whether you should invest in their product(s).

Is Celestron A Good Brand?

Celestron is regarded as a reputable brand of astronomy equipment. Founded in 1964, they have a long history and diverse product lines that are purchased and used by enthusiasts worldwide.

They are a very well-trusted manufacturer; known for providing a high quality of customer service, product warranties, and technical support should a customer require it.

Does Celestron Make Good Binoculars?

Celestron binoculars routinely receive praise and positive reviews – providing a combination of optic quality, durability, and ease of use all at a reasonable price.

That being said, some binoculars in their range are better than others, and it’s essential that the right binoculars are purchased for the intended use case.

Simultaneously, it is essential that Celestron binoculars are well taken care of, used appropriately, and sourced from reputable retailers to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Which Celestron Binoculars Are Best?

The best Celestron binoculars will vary from person to person, context to context. This is because Celestron has created a range of products suitable for different use cases – whether it is astronomy, or it is for land-viewing.

If you are looking for handheld binoculars for astronomy, in particular, the Skymaster 15×70 product is a best-seller in its category.

Celestron – SkyMaster 15x70 Binocular – #1 Bestselling Astronomy Binocular – Large Aperture for Long Distance Viewing – Multi-coated Optics – Carrying Case Included – Ultra Sharp Focus
  • Multi coated optics
  • Large aperture perfect for low light conditions and stargazing
  • Tripod adapter 13 millimeter (0.51 inch) long eye relief ideal for eyeglass wearers; Linear Field of View (at 1000 yards) / at 1000 meter) 231 feet (77 meter)
  • Diopter adjustment for fine focusing; Angular field of view 4.4 degrees
  • Large 70 millimeter objective lens offers maximum image brightness in low light and long range conditions

If you wanted to see further, and don’t mind using a tripod, then the Skymaster 20x80s are the pair for you:

Celestron – SkyMaster Pro 20x80 Binocular – Outdoor and Astronomy Binocular – Large Aperture for Long Distance Viewing – Fully Multi-coated XLT Coating – Tripod Adapter and Carrying Case Included
  • Large 80 mm objective lenses for excellent light gathering in low light conditions or for astronomical observing
  • Detachable RSR rail for attaching an optional red dot finderscope
  • Rubber armored for improved ergonomics and protection from every day use in the field
  • Waterproof and nitrogen purged for use in all weather conditions

Whereas, if you are looking for binoculars for land-viewing, whether it is birdwatching, hunting or even improving views at sports games, the Celestron Outland product range come out as favorites time and time again:

Celestron Outland 8X42 Waterproof Binoculars with Rubber Coating & Comfort Grip
  • Multi-coated optics
  • Protective rubber covering
  • Molded finger impressions for a firm grip
  • Completely waterproof
  • Moisture resistant neoprene carrying case

Ultimately, what is best for you and your own bespoke needs will require a little research on your part.

Although these are top-sellers and a good place to start.


The individual components are made in China, shipped to the USA where they are manufactured into working binoculars.

That’s essentially how the process works with this popular and well-respected equipment company.

The same goes for Celestron telescopes, too.

And while it may sound convoluted, they seem to know what they are doing.

Their diverse and highly respected product line is a case in point.