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12 Astounding Astronomy Gifts For 10 Year Olds

It’s pretty easy to leave an impression on young minds as they’re still developing and full of wonder about what life has to offer. Their interests are bound to change, but it never hurts to explore different topics to see if they latch onto something new.

Astronomy is something that people of all ages can appreciate, and considering the amazing nature of the topic, it tends to be a favorite for many children. It’s the perfect hobby to try and get them in to.

This guide is going to focus on astronomy gifts for 10 year olds that are bound to make an impression.

70mm Astronomy Refractor Telescope with Adjustable Tripod

An excellent introductory telescope, it offers an objective lens diameter of 70mm and 360mm focal length. It’s built with fully-coated optical glass and delivers surprisingly crisp images with sufficient brightness to match. Kids can choose from different magnifications such as 51X to 128X, and its clarity makes it pretty easy to find specific objects in the sky.

It provides easy mobility with an adjustable tripod, and the telescope is the perfect size for a kid’s room. With a relatively simple setup, kids can quickly pick up on how to use it without having to manage many different parts. Of course, it’s bound to come with some limitations regarding its capabilities, but it’s more than enough for a 10 year old to enjoy.

Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium and Dual Projector Science Kit

This small projector gives kids the chance to get an efficient and stylish look at planets and stars. When active, it provides a rotating star pattern that is projected with 24 different HD images. Kids can also choose the images they want to see, such as planets, moons, astronauts, nebulae, and other various objects that can be found in outer space.

Overall, there are 50 different images to choose from, so kids will always be able to give their room a different look based on what they’re interested in viewing. It’s easy to set up, and the instructions are simple enough that kids can figure it out on their own without too much difficulty. It may have a simple design, but it’ll surely spark plenty of questions and interest in a growing mind.

Solar System 3D Crystal Ball With LED Lamp Base

This crystal ball offers some unique features with a plastic base that has an LED built-in and displays our solar system in a stylish fashion. Not only is it decorative, but the illusion of the floating planets and sun will amaze many young children. It can be easily placed anywhere in their room, or they can hold the crystal ball in their hand if they choose.

The lighting base comes with seven different color choices, which will amplify the beauty of the solar system and add some character to their room. You can even see the right number of moons for each planet and set the lighting to change on its own every 60 seconds. It may be a relatively simple design, but I’d say it’s a winning choice for any 10 year old.

Great Explorations 3-D Solar System Glow In The Dark Ceiling Hanging Kit

Many people grew up with some kind of glow in the dark objects in their room at some point, but this 3-D solar system kit takes it a step further. It comes with nine different planets that kids can hang from their ceiling, and they’ll also be able to enjoy the included planetary educational guide, 10 star-shaped push pins, and 200 different sticks that glow in the dark.

If they want, kids can cover their entire room with this 3-D kit, and they’re easy to remove from walls, so they can adjust the layout any time they want. Depending on how many pieces are used, the glow in the dark sticks and 3-D planets will act as an efficient night light as well. Although some assembly is required, the kit includes 25 feet of hanging string so they can customize their lengths for each planet.

Illuminated Globe Of The World With Stand

This globe offers much more detail than the Earth’s geography, as it also doubles as a night lamp due to the various constellations that light up across the globe. It’s bright enough to offer additional light to any room, and kids can have fun looking at the 88 different constellations, stars, and navigational lines that are a part of our night sky.

Not only can they learn about the Earth in substantial detail, but they can also see what outer space has to offer. Set up is pretty simple, and it won’t take up too much space whether you put it on a shelf, nightstand, or desk. They can enjoy Earth’s beauty during the day and watch the constellations shine during the evening.

Space Dictionary For Kids

Some kids love to read, and if you’re looking to ignite an interest in astronomy, this dictionary is full of detailed information that’ll make their imagination run wild. With hundreds of illustrations and definitions about outer space, it provides a detailed level of knowledge of what’s in our expansive universe.

It also dives into how we discovered such information, along with humorous sidebars that expand into diagrams, examples, and even quizzes. The book is structured for a growing mind, so it won’t bore children with relentless text. With the combination of features the dictionary has to offer; it gives a comprehensive yet detailed level of knowledge that kids can hold onto for years to come.

Bill Nye’s VR Space Lab – Virtual Reality Kids Science Kit

This is one of the more advanced gift ideas on this list, but any kid would be more than happy to have it for themselves. The VR Space Lab offers a virtual reality experience into the stars, and it also comes with a 96-page interactive book. From our own solar system to the vastness of the universe, kids can get lost in the never-ending wonders space has to offer.

There are 128 virtual and augmented reality experiences that help bring the details of outer space to life. It’s an immersive experience for kids to get lost in, and it offers 15 physical activities throughout the included book. VR goggles are included, and the gift is bound to provide years of satisfaction as they grow older. It’s a layered learning experience that’s built to help children retain what they’ve learned while sparking new interests in outer space along the way.

National Geographic Rocket Launcher For Kids

It may seem like a simplistic toy, but this model rocket launcher is much more fun than you might expect. It’s a motorized, rechargeable rocket that can be launched up to 200 ft. in the air, offering up to 20 flights on a single full charge. Many model rockets back in the day only provided a single use, while current technology offers kids a safer and longer-lasting experience.

There are three different flight settings to choose from that reach varying distances. It’s built with helicopter-like rotor blades that are quite safe, and it even comes with a few decals included so kids can customize their rocket. This toy is a great option as it gets kids outdoors while providing a level of fun that never gets old. It may have a simple design, but it’s bound to excite young children who have a knack for astronomy.

STEM Toys 6-in-1 Space Solar Robot Kit

This toy offers plenty of customization as kids can build six different models with everything that’s included. The different model variations include a space station, space explorer, rover, shuttle, astronaut, and even a space dog.

It’s all powered by a mixture of batteries and solar power, and the instructions offer a mild challenge for kids who are into building their own toys. With a design and purpose that’s meant to influence a child’s knack for exploration, the technical look and features will provide plenty of wonders.

Although it’s pretty easy to assemble, the toy is an excellent group project for kids and parents to enjoy together. Every part is made from non-toxic, safe plastic materials, and its model variations will also help with problem-solving skills. It gives an insight into the technology that’s allowed us to explore space, making children wonder what else is possible in the night sky.

LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle

The LEGO company goes way back to where most current generations have a fond memory of their toys. No one can deny their ideas have greatly expanded over the years, and they’ve only become more fun for kids. This LEGO set allows kids to build their own Mars research shuttle, and it comes with two Mars astronaut mini-figures, a helidrone, and a storage drone.

There are 273 individual pieces included, and it’ll give kids hours of fun as they build the shuttle, and the finished project looks good enough to be put on display. Many kids like to tinker with and build their own toys, and LEGOs are the epitome of this fascination, so you can’t go wrong with the gift idea. Better yet, it isn’t very costly, and it’s a safe choice that’s a great gift idea for boys and girls alike.

Wild Card Games Astronauts

Full of educational content and tons of fun, this card game is great for kids as it teaches them about many aspects of the solar system while rewarding them for their critical thinking and comprehension skills. They’ll come across many different facts that are interesting, and there are different difficulty levels for varying age groups, but it’s a perfect choice for any 10 year old who has a new or growing interest in astronomy.

It’s also a gift idea that can be shared with the whole family, giving kids even more reason to continue learning about the planets, stars, solar system, and the universe as a whole. Each card comes with a unique design, and the accompanying facts will surely make children look at each card in more detail as their minds get filled with questions.

Green Science Solar Rover

The Solar Rover is an excellent gift for kids who like to piece things together, and it’s a great introduction to how solar power works. Everything they need to build the rover is included, and all you need for the body is a soda can. You’ll find thorough instructions on how to put everything together, and it provides easy to understand concepts about engineering and solar power.

Watching the toy come to life after it gets the energy it needs will give children a feeling of accomplishment and interest in the power of our sun. It’ll also teach them the importance of green science and how the Earth and our universe provide much of what we need to survive. The toy is a great blend of education on mechanics and alternate energy sources.

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