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12 Super Solar System Gifts For Kids

There are many ways to fuel a child’s growing interests, and if you’re going to buy them gifts, you might as well cater to the things they want to spend more time with. Astronomy can be a wonderous topic for all age groups, but children have a special way of latching onto new discoveries with passion.

Looking through thousands of toys with a solar system theme can be challenging. So, this guide has 12 solar system gifts for kids to enjoy and drive that newfound spark in astronomy.

Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle

Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle

No matter how times change, going with the basics is never a bad choice, and this solar system floor puzzle offers a dazzling design that spans two by three feet. It comes with forty-eight individual pieces, and the puzzle is made with thick cardboard, so it should offer pretty long-term durability. This also makes it pretty easy for children to handle, and they can learn about the various planets and celestial objects in our solar system as they piece them together.

Accidents happen from time to time, and the puzzle’s smooth surface makes it easy to clean, returning it to good as new. The technical aspect of the puzzle is excellent for hand-eye coordination for kids as they learn how different shapes fit together, and it can do wonders for problem-solving skills, especially if they have to search for that one stubborn missing piece.

It’s generally catered to children from three to six years old, but it’s a fun puzzle to share with any child, especially as a group with the family. The vibrant colors, fair challenge, and ease of use make it a fun time for any kid that’s a fan of outer space.

Electronic Interactive Solar System Poster

Electronic Interactive Solar System Poster

The best toys for kids bring a blend of fun and education, and this interactive poster does a fantastic job of keeping children engaged while continuously sparking their curiosity about outer space. Through the poster alone, kids can learn and memorize planet names as well as learn fun facts about each planet through catchy tunes and numerous games.

Regarding the educational aspect of the poster, it was created to help with logical thinking, memory, problem-solving, concentration, and more. Through their learning experience, the poster is programmed to randomly ask questions and keep kids on their toes.

It only weighs 8.5oz, so it’s super easy to hang up, and it can be a hazard hanging in your kid’s room. The poster set includes three AAA batteries, hooks, screwdrivers, and double-sided foam, everything you need to get it up and running within minutes.

Planetarium Projector

There are numerous ways to integrate the fascination of astronomy into a child’s life, and this planetary projector is an easy sell for most kids. It allows children to explore the universe in a vivid way from the comfort of their room, displaying eight planets that orbit the sun onto the walls and ceiling.

Whether they’re using it strictly for education or they just like the ambiance it provides at night, this would be a stellar astronomy gift for any child. It also provides various facts about each planet by touching the different planet logos found on the toy.

You’ll find the projector comes with three different slides that kids can use, which contain planets, spaceships, and astronauts for a total of twenty-four full-color slides. It also works well as a night light, and the gift makes it easy for kids to learn about the solar system by name, color, features, and more.

Crayola Solar System Science Kit

If your young one has shown an interest in arts and crafts, this science kit from Crayola is a no-brainer if you’re looking to blend art and astronomy. This is a very interactive gift as it comes with half-balls made of foam that kids can paint to represent the different planets in our solar system. The set also comes with a poster with the name and photo of each planet so they can display their work of art once they’re finished.

It offers plenty of information on planets, stars, and meteors that are simple and easy to learn. Every tool a kid needs to start the fun is included with the kit, such as paint, brushes, double-sided stickers, an instruction manual, and the three-foot display poster.

Solar System Balls Set

Sometimes the simplest gifts resonate with kids the most, and this solar system ball set is a winning option for quick and easy entertainment. It comes with ten different planet stress balls, which are great for kids who have plenty of pent-up energy. Kids can kick it up a notch by spending time with the six included bouncing space balls, along with space water beads that are fun to play with during bath time.

Sensory toys can do wonders for children, and these handle that specific need while educating them on the basics of our solar system. Each piece is 100% non-toxic, and the water beads specifically are recyclable. It’s a relatively simple gift idea, but it’ll provide plenty of longevity for any child.

Outer Space Felt Story Board

This is a 3½-foot felt kit that comes with thirty-nine different pieces that kids can attach to the storyboard, each representing different aspects of our solar system. Four durable hooks are included for reliable wall placement, and they can be easily redecorated with minimal effort. It gives the kids the ability to express themselves without causing any kind of significant mess and a safe experience.

They can be challenged to place each planet in the right spot or create their own creative rendition from their imagination. Among the felt pieces include planets, aliens, asteroids, ships, and much more.

This gift is particularly aimed at the toddler age range as it’s an excellent tool for early learning. The planets The planets have little faces on them for a dash of personality, and once every piece has found its spot, it’s a daily educational reminder for the young mind.

Space World Play Tent

Space World Play Tent

Kids love to build forts and create a space for themselves that they can call their own. If you have a kid whose ecstatic about outer space or you’re looking to get them interested, this space world tent is a hit choice. It provides indoor and outdoor use, and the fabric is covered in different celestial objects from planets, moons, and more.

It’s a great way to fuel imagination as the imagery of outer space surrounds them, and with the right lighting, it can surely get them thinking about the solar system on a warm summer night in the backyard. Better yet, it’s extremely easy to assemble, and it’s made with enough space to host some kid-sized furniture and two to three children.

Giant Inflatable Solar System

Part of influencing and keeping a child’s imagination alive comes from their environment, and most kids love to decorate their room. This inflatable solar system offers a simple level of education about our solar system while giving the kid’s room a bit of outer space flair.

The kit gives a visual representation of how planets look in regard to color, size comparison, rotation, and revolution. Outside of the eight main planets, the bundle also includes a Pluto, sun, and moon inflatable.

The inflatables are a breeze to set up as a simple air pump is included, and each one comes with hooks that allow you to hang them from a ceiling. It gives young children something to ponder in their room, and they’ll quickly pick up on the solar system’s basics.

Little Experimenter Telescope

A great way to catch a child’s interest in outer space is to show them the basics of how they can someday see it for themselves. This toy telescope comes with twenty-four different space images that they can project onto their bedroom wall. It even offers 2x zoom and comes with a foldable tripod to simulate the real experience.

High-quality photos of planets, ships, and other celestial objects are bound to cause plenty of wonder for any child. It also provides enough comfort as the eyepiece is made of a soft and flexible material. Batteries are included, and the gift should offer hours of fun as a telescope guidebook is also a part of the package.

Celestial Buddies Plush Toy

Boys and girls alike are a fan of a decent plush toy at a young age, and the celestial buddies plush toy is here to fill that spot for every child while providing educational facts on their favorite planet. The one displayed here is just one of many designs, and although Earth is one of the most popular, you can choose from Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, and even the sun.

It’s a round, huggable plush toy, so there aren’t many intricacies involved, but it’s a great way to introduce astronomy into your child’s life. Each celestial design comes with unique facts about the planet that the toy represents, which are detailed enough to potentially spark more curiosity into the topic as they spend more time with their new favorite plush toy.

It’s meant for children three years and up, and they’re made from a safe and soft polyester material that’s perfect for cuddling. Considering how attached children can be to their plush toys, you might argue this toy is a solid way to get your child to grow fond of planet Earth from a young age.

Solar System Comforter Set

Solar System Comforter Set

If you want to surround them with a growing interest in the solar system, this comforter has plenty of vivid details about our planets along with each of their names. It’s lightweight, breathable, and machine washable, so it’ll last throughout their younger years.

Every night they’ll go to sleep with each of the planets around them, from the comforter to the pillowcases, and it’s easy to get lost in the intricate details of the design. It’s made with a premium quality fabric, and it’s a great choice for boys and girls alike.

The fabric is made to be comfortable through every changing season, so your kid can enjoy their outer space theme all year long. It comes with a twin-size comforter and two pillow shams, both of which match in color and design.

Glow In The Dark Stars And Planets

This may be one of the simpler gifts, but it could possibly make the most impact visually. These wall decals are great for a little extra customization to a kid’s room, and they’ll offer a dazzling look at night when every piece is glowing brightly.

The package includes twenty different decals that range from planets, rockets, shooting stars, and more. Individual pieces allow kids to set them up how they want, and they can be easily rearranged if they change their minds.

Even if you use every piece, their humble glow won’t disturb a child’s sleep, but it may cause them to stare at the ceiling a little bit longer at night.

Their design offers a 3-D effect that gives them extra depth, making the details of each celestial object more prominent.

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